Because Concourse Never Dies ♥

Mad and Tsing Xiu 真是无缘 D: each time Mad turns up, Tsing Xiu won't, and each time Tsing Xiu turns up, Mad won't. Sadly, while we all thought that ytd would be a full-attendance miracle, we ended up with a pretty good attendance, with 7 out of 8. Tsing Xiu gws! We'll see you next outing~

The day started off pretty badly, with me feeling lethargic and achy all over D: I tried to study, albeit unproductively, for about 45mins, before I decided to head to bed again. So I was awake for about three hours and then I went back to sleep. I finally woke up at 3pm because I was meeting ade at 4pm for d'Good Café. However, we chanced upon another café near the train station and decided to try that one instead.

Hatched had a quaint little place designed on a theme of eggs. It was really quite cute :3
Even the chef's recommendations on their menu was represented with eggs instead of the usual chef's hat. Their theme pretty much summarises their specialty in eggs.

I ordered a beef pot pie which I really liked the scrambled eggs cover;
The overall dish was good, but the truffle fries did not really meet expectations. In ade's words, {edible but not fantastic}. It was yet another place which drizzled on the truffle oil /:

Then we sat around until Lili and Sheam found us, and the four of us walked to dinner at Holland Drive for 煮炒 and crab o.o

My latest instavid is of D, old man, Lili and ade peeling crab. It starts of with D saying that {I am not peeling for you ah}. So much for that, since by the time I did the video he had alr peeled crab for me and it was in my stomach \(^_^)/ it's always nice (and useful) to have D around hehe.

Sheam was really awkz with the crab because it was his first time eating crab ever since he converted to a non-vegetarian. And we were all teaching him how to get the meat out.

Desserts at Craft Bakery were actually Mad and Apple's dinner. We took a table for seven and ended up only ordering two cakes and one drink. It was a mega waste of space. But this isn't Europe where it is a rule to order as many dishes as the number of people present, so they make losses with table-hoggers like us around.