Belated Birthday Treat from Ben

There's alliteration in the title \(^o^)/ I love cheap thrills in life like this.

Ben was in China for the past three months, so I guess it's not his fault that he wasn't around during my birthday to celebrate it on time. But he was super insincere about my birthday. He actually said that he wanted me to pay him $50 less for my stuff I ordered on 淘宝, or that he would just give me cat ring for free. And I was totally like, that's just the laziest way of celebrating my birthday =.= so he offered me dinner, and I had to make it difficult for him just so that I could feel his sincerity.

I told him I would meet him for dinner today only yesterday (or was it alr today slightly past midnight?), and that it had to be in JE because I wanted to go to the Science Centre Observatory to see the moon and mars. He wanted me to decide on what to eat, but then that would be no surprise for me, so I asked him to decide where and what to eat. But in actual fact, I alr knew what I wanted and all he had to do was guess. Even though the guess was wrong, but it was still within the acceptable range for me, so I went along with it.


He was supposed to research on the restaurants in JE and what their signature dishes were, so that he could make the order while I just wait to be served. Was I too demanding? He looked like he was dying of exasperation from the guessing games and trying to please my palate ._. We ended up with a lot of food on our table, so much so that there wasn't space for halibut and it had to be stacked up. The other table for two sitting next to us seemed to be spacious while ours was just claustrophobic;
The food wasn't fantastic, I probably could have gotten better for that price. But oh well, I wouldn't have known it wasn't good if we didn't try.

Mushroom Soup;
This obviously tasted like it was made from powder concentrate.

Good thing it was only half a chicken. I thought they would make good chicken, since the restaurant's name is afterall Poulet. But it was too dry, and I didn't like the dressing.

This was good, relative to all the other stuff we had on the table. I have no idea why I kept referring to it as duck when it was obviously lamb /:

Duck Pizza;
We didn't eat this. I packed it for ade who said she was coming, but in the end Ben brought it home cos ade didn't come.

After dinner, I said that I wanted to go to Royce chocolate to eat ice-cream. But this outlet didn't have ice-cream ): So we just headed off to the Science Centre, and got lost for awhile because Ben didn't trust Google Maps. My motto in life on directions is this: if google says it is somewhere else, then i will always doubt my instincts before doubting google. And today, I was once again proven right about that.

When we finally arrived at the Science Centre, we got lost within the Science Centre. But that was because of the highly misleading signboard at the entrance. When we finally got to the Observatory, the sky was cloudy. There were no stars and no planets, just the moon. But I was really happy to have been able to see the craters and maria and terrae of the moon from the viewfinder of the big big telescopes! :D I've never seen the moon so clearly before. Ben brought his DSLR along at my request, so we could take pictures of what we saw in the telescope ^___^ But I need those for my assignment so I wouldn't be posting them here.

Today is 八月初十二, and the moon tonight was 83% in fullness, according to one of the Science Centre vols who was taking care of the telescope. It's going to be full moon during Mid-Autumn festival in three days, but 83% of the full moon is alr enough to put the 玉兔 in clear sight. The man in the moon may be a tale, but that 玉兔 is on the moon is true. I mean it's not a real bunny, but the 14 maria of the moon when viewed from a certain angle forms the shape of a bunny, which I guess is where the story of 嫦娥玉兔 drew its inspiration from. In the past, way before telescopes were invented, during 中秋, 玉兔 was the most prominent and in plain sight for the naked eye. I guess on Mid-Autumn, I'll be standing on my roof looking at the cute bunny, which will probably be the only thing I can see in the sky of highly light-polluted Singapore.