Goodbye Sarah!

Yayee Sarah finally went to UK to study \(^_^)/
Time flies, it has been over a year since she decided to stop schooling. Her gap year finally ended, and I hope she works hard while she is there.

I had always wanted to go to the UK to study, but at the end of the day, I concluded that staying healthy and being able to eat properly is more important than an overseas education. So what if I was educated in the UK but ended up not being able to chew? After school started, I realised that staying in Singapore isn't so bad after all. Maybe I could do an exchange after my operation ends, or I could do my Master degree overseas, if I actually make it to that level.

On Thursday, I went to Build-a-Bear for Sarah's farewell. It was the first time I built-a-bear alone. Chanel asked me to make a Harry Potter one. And then I was like, I don't even know how Harry Potter looks like ._. so I had to google it. When I got to the Harbourfront outlet, I asked the counter if they had a Harry Potter outfit, and they all just stared blankly at me. Turns out, there was no partnership with Harry Potter for a Harry Potter outfit, but there was a generic wizard outfit which I could use, together with other accessories, to create my own Harry Potter outfit. But there was only one piece left, and it was at the Dhoby Ghaut outlet ._. I went down to Dhoby and I made the bear;
I even included this uber-cute heartbeat thing. Like when you touch the bear's heart, you can feel it's heartbeat ♥

So apparently I thought I was really successful because Juan Yong and Ben could tell he was supposed to be dressed like Harry Potter! :D this says a lot, based on the fact that I have never read or watched Harry Potter before. Sadly, the first thing Sarah said when she saw the bear was {why did you all give me a nun?} T___T poor me, my heart shattered into a million pieces.

Back to the airport. Sarah had two cute friends who were totally self-absorbed with their phone camera;
They were so weird they even treated the Chinese pavilion as their photo-taking prop.

Also, there was a Percy the Pig soft toy;

I loved it so much, Sarah was afraid I wouldn't let her have it back when she was really leaving :P