Midterm Break, Year 2 Sem 1

Yayee it's alr the midterm break \(^_^)/ omg I survived six weeks of being hardworking O: like seriously. I have just started on my readings for Week 6, but that is an amazing achievement given my past records. Maybe by the end of semester I would have finished all my readings, and then I can give my all to studying, rather than just rushing to finish my readings before the exam. I feel so motivated to keep up the good work now and for the rest of my educational career :D

Being studious also means I save a lot of money. Instead of piling on outing after outing, I realised that I have only been out about once a week on average since school reopened. Of course I still go out to cafes after school alone, but I usually spend about 50% more going out with other people, because it's one dish for table for one, but three dishes for table for two. The increment can be said to probably resemble a ln graph. 


This semester, I took a module on anthropology. It rekindled my love for sociology, after all the different theories sapped me dry in Social Thought and Theory. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy reading Martineau and Marx, especially Martineau. But it really takes some brain cells to convert what I see on paper to what I see in everyday life. The link is there, I just need some time to find it. Maybe abstraction isn't so much of my thing as compared to description on the concrete and tangible.

The problem with anthropology though, is that it is too realistic. When I read about the different societies, I am able to picture them in my mind with almost no problem. I guess it comes from travelling too much, and also for staring at travel photos on StumbleUpon all the time. Sometimes, I get too caught up with my own travel experiences playing back in my head, I end up disrupting my reading process. I would begin to feel restless and start wondering what I shall do on my next trip out. I guess this would be a downside of travelling, it's highly addictive. Once you start, you end up going more and more places. It's an insatiable appetite. But whatever, because I still love being a tourist ^__^ (I think that just proves my point on the addiction.)


Back to school. I am in three same modules with hj and her problem on incomprehension seems to me to be getting worse by the day. When I try to explain something to her, she explains it back in a totally different way. Then I repeat myself and she tells me that's what she just said! I am so puzzled. Didn't she attend the compulsory English course provided for her in her first semester? 

Also, we were discussing our project on emotional labour. And she said we should interview prostitutes. I was like, WHAT?! I have to admit that it really is an interesting topic, but I don't think it is a suitable one given our purposes. Hj is super hooked on scandalous behaviour. She loves to read 苹果日报, and she wanted to do about adultery for another one of her term papers, except that there weren't enough course material covering it.


I guess it's pretty obvious that I've been showing a lot of love to my photoshop these days, as can be seen from the number of drawings that have successfully made it past simply being doodles to being on my blog this month. It's not without reason. The first being that I go out less and think more, so more creative juices are flowing. Secondly, cos I upgraded my photoshop and it's too good not to use! ^___^ I know I only use the very basic stuff like lighting, curves, colour correction, brushes etc., but new things seem to interest me even though I utilise it in the exact same way as before. 人都是犯贱的.