My Love-Hate Relationship with Food

food: from when i was in france, girl: me

I absolutely L O V E food. Especially good food. Like duh, no one likes bad food anw. I eat practically anything that does not come from the sea and has two shells. Nibbles and pastries are my favourite. I love food so much that I even took a module called The Sociology of Food.

People who follow me on Instagram probably have alr known that I like food, they just haven't got a grasp of the degree of my love for food. Somedays I feel that it's mean to #foodporn people all the time, and sometimes I am relishing so much in my food I forget to post pictures of it, so I actually eat about twice the amount of good stuff / cafés I post on insta.

A lot of food classified by others as so-so is bad to me, and likewise what others call good I say it's just edible. It's really hard to please my tastebuds. Especially not when I've eaten so much good + authentic food I'm pretty much unimpressed by most other stuff. And also, I know if it contains artificial sugars or not, my sensitive palates tell me that it causes a very big difference in taste.

But then sometimes I hate food too. Or maybe I should say, I hate my cravings. Eating is an unending journey for me. Once I start, it's difficult to stop. There are times when I'm not hungry, just 嘴馋, but then after I grab a bite, I start feeling the hunger pangs coming in. So like today, I had crêpes to celebrate midweek for the fun of it. I wasn't hungry or anything. I just wanted to eat. And then I got hungrier. So I went to BK for a burger. But since I was there I might as well buy a meal, right? So I had an entire meal. That was 6.30pm, but it wasn't dinner. I had dinner waiting at home for me. I was almost dying of hunger by the time I got home. It was like I hadn't eaten at all. Fact is, I shouldn't have eaten at all since I wouldn't have ended up so hungry not having eaten. Woe be me D: I need some serious self-discipline.