Ade's 21st Birthday Party

After helping ade to get milk tea and a toothbrush set, me and yx arrived at the chalet at 4+pm. And Deryk was alr there, much to my amazement O: so we settled in to the chalet watching tv with Ling Mei and ade's another friend. But sadly, the tv had only Channel 8 and Channel News Asia, and would not even connect our phones to the cable box, so we decided to be pathetic and watch 神机妙算 刘伯温. That lasted for a while, until I got bored so I went upstairs to look for ade in the room;

While ade was getting dressed up, I was wondering if I should do my hair again too. Because on the trip to the chalet, I was sweating so bad, I felt like my hair messed up. And also cos one of my bobby pins fell out, and I didn't really know where it came from, so I just randomly stuffed it back into my hair, and therefore was super worried that my entire hairdo will come apart. But then I decided not to go to all the trouble, because what matters in a photo is the face, not like anyone was going to take my photo from behind. 

5.30pm came along, and the only people on time were Jiayun, Jiaqi and apple. Next door, the parties started as well. There was this kid's party with big smurf balloons, and guests wore blue and white. The family of the kid were all in smurf tees too. Imagine how kids celebrate their birthdays these days, seriously. I was always overseas during my birthday. And the only two parties I had were in buffet restaurants, when I was twelve and eighteen. The first party had an attendance of ten, and then it became five. But I'm hoping to have a grand coming-of-age party next year, if I'm not overseas, that is. 

The gift;
This jar contains twenty-one items for twenty-one years of age, but apparently the only thing ade could see was the photo card of Chanyeol. After we put in so much effort )':

Then dinner and cake-cutting;
Followed by a round of smearing cream all over each other.

Now that I post so many pictures of us, I kind of feel like I'm leaving out all of ade's other friends. So here's the group picture minus all those who left early;

The end. Now it's time to get back to finishing the last two essays of the semester >.<

all photo credits to yx, and none to the one who brought his camera but never took it out