Drama, Again

My life has been so peaceful recently I think it needs some drama. Notice the pun? Ö Omg sometimes even I am amazed by my own punny lines haha. Oh and I found out that the Korean word for {funny} is actually pronounced like {punny} due to the language's lack of the {f} sound. And I think that's a pretty good pun in itself! :D

In August, 爱上两个我 came to an end, although I've just recently completed the series since I was too busy being a studious kid. In the final scene of the show, 小鹿 appeared again! ^___^ after having not seen him for the past 10+ episodes, his final appearance made me remember how much I prefer him over 路天行. Yes, of course I understand that they are in fact the same person, both of them are my favourite favourite favourite Aaron Yan, but I only quite like 帅气型男 路天行, while I am absolutely in love with 阳光男孩 小鹿 ♥
Super cute right! Why didn't 路天行 disappear and be taken over by 小鹿 for the most part of the entire show T___T I almost forgot how much more I loved him (I love 路天行 too, just a little less) until he came back on the last episode. I love him when he is cute than when he is hot. But of course, I love him the most when he is cute and hot at the same time, which I think is practically 99.9% of the time. The other 0.1% is when he is only cute or only hot. Some people just don't have unglam moments (':

I think I need some help here, I'm hyperventilating due to absolute happiness. I originally wanted to get over this show quietly, but then when I saw 小鹿 during the last scene, I couldn't hide my elation any longer.

But it's ended all the same ): I can only look forward to the next show now. Which happens to begin in less than two weeks! ^___^ it's joo won's new drama called 내일도 칸타빌레;

Another favourite favourite favourite of mine ♥ Even though I think that his hairstyle is a bad decision, I still can't help being totally melted inside right now.

The teasers for this drama have been pretty cute so far, though it feels to me somewhat like a mix between Playful Kiss and Heartstrings. They all happen in the campus, and it's a plot about a hapless girl chasing after the most awesome person ever, and it's themed on music. But well, it's a half-comedy, so I guess that's the differentiating factor. I really really can't wait! I need new eyecandy to replace my Aaron Yan in the meantime that he is making a new drama /: