Simply Life

Yet another boring week passes me by. It wasn't really that boring, except there really isn't much to talk about it. School and Chingay EXCO Meeting, and a movie (documentary?) with Jaime last night. The movie event was quite entertaining, because the emcee was doing his best and the audience was so unresponsive, which I do admit I was part of the problem. Lionel said he wanted to meet me during the week but each time the hour drew near, he would have something crop up. But I understand, cos how could I ever be more impt than his work / girlfriend / parents / whatever, right? And also, happy birthday to Christine (cos today is my day to rub it in) :D

This aftnn, it poured really heavily and while we were trapped in a building, it kind of got me thinking about how people react differently to the same circumstances in different situations. This time, we looked at the rain and concluded that it rained so bad, even if everyone had an umbrella each (which we didn't), we'd all still get wet walking out, so we stayed in the building and waited for the sky to calm down. But imagine if I were on ground at an event. Even if it was a typhoon rain, I wouldn't bother about the umbrella and just get myself thoroughly drenched completing whatever I had to do. So, why did I suddenly become afraid of rain? I think it's urgency. During events, time is ticking by by the minute. You know that you have to get things done now no matter what is happening, because the show will go on. But risking a fever just to get home doesn't seem to make sense. To be able to link rain to this, I probably really am becoming a sociology student, over-analysing how people react to life situations. Or maybe it's because it is assignment crunch time, and theories after theories are lined along the axons of my brain cells, readily triggered into thoughts by any surrounding activity.

On top of the assignments piling up, joowon's new drama just premiered. Oh, the dilemmas in life. Well, actually there is no dilemma, cos I alr know that I will watch it and give up sleeping. Some things require no thought in making decisions. It's just a natural reaction. I really really looked forward to this new show, because I liked the original Japanese version to begin with, and then now it's being remade with joowon as the lead *swoons* I like how I was able to recognise the characters at first glance, before the formal introductions that the show does, because of how similar the characters are to their Japanese counterparts. I thought remakes remade their characters with similar personality styles, but in this show, they even dress the same, carry the same hairstyle and same hair colour etc. But the plot in the Korean version moves super fast. I'm not really sure why, but I like that it doesn't give me time to breathe before moving on with the plot, because we live in a generation of speed and immediate gratification, and there's no time to waste on draggy stories.