Surprising Surprise

It'd be more surprising if a surprise wasn't surprising. So just ignore the title while I try to explain myself.

So we found out that not only do I have a talent for burdening my own birthday, I burden other people's birthdays as well. But all's well that ends well, because we had the most surprising birthday yesterday. Even me and Amanda were surprised at the surprise we planned for Christine \(^_^)/ a big thank you to the staff at eggs & berries for making it such a wonderful evening for us! :D

I'm really glad we chose eggs & berries over Swensen's and Din Tai Fung because of how the birthday turned out. Din Tai Fung was never on the list to begin with actually. We just threw it in to throw Christine off the track. Me and Amanda really wanted somewhere that served cake so that we could pretend to go to the toilet while actually ordering a cake to be brought over to our table. But seriously, this cake surprise trick is getting a little old. We should exercise some creativity and think of new surprises. Or google for them. But then I'd really be surprised if one day there is no cake. Oh, the dilemmas ._.

Food first before birthday. I don't think I'm in the right state of mind last night to give comments, what with my haze fever and flu and all. The taste buds just weren't working right. But we still did comment when the waiter asked us. Although I highly suspect he didn't understand the part where we tried to explain truffle fries should be fried in truffle oil, and not just have truffle oil drizzled on it. The food was alright, but as Christine said {what they lack of in food quality, they made up for in service}. And they made it up to us many times over (:

Amanda's mango pancake. We thought it was the big pancakes, but we probably should have guessed its size when it was put under the desserts column. Pretty cute though.

Christine's egg benedict. And then this leads up to some gabriel joke cos I said I'm not a big fan of benedict haha. But anw, I think the eggs were really not photogenic. No matter what angle, the food still looks worse than actuality. The eggs were cooked up to standard, though it would have been better if the egg white was less watery than what it was.

My salmon. The last to arrive cos they were catching the fish. Bad joke, cos it honestly didn't take that long. In fact, the food arrived much more quickly than expected. And the salmon came with an egg benedict too. I think it's part of the meal, but since I wasn't expecting an egg benedict, yayee for free stuff \(^_^)/

After dinner comes the part where I was being a burden. Amanda wanted to ask me about the cake, but I was looking all over her phone screen in an extremely perplexed manner cos I just wasn't looking at the right spot /: then her friend called, and saved the day! Amanda went outside to take the call, and asked for a cake on the way back in. The staff were really nice. They offered to help light a candle, and asked if we wanted the cake immediately or when we cue them to bring it over. Then when Christine blew out the candles, the staff surprised us with a complimentary pancake O:
And the guy even offered to help us take a group photo. I really liked how that photo turned out cos of the bright colours and bright lighting of the place, makes it look so cheery and lighthearted. In general the deco there is quite fun-loving.

Amazing service always makes my day :D