Chingay 2015: L1

I know I'm supposed to be on my exam hiatus, but since I'm alr down to my last paper, which is two days away, I decided to attend L1, and thus I am here to write about it.

After my SC2218 paper from 9am-11am, I decided to cab down to ITE AMK for the training. And they had better thank god I did that, because they cancelled the cheers segment of the training, and needed me 1hr earlier than my expected arrival time. I told Bumsoo that I would reach at 1pm, and amazing race was supposed to start at 1.30pm, but when I reached at 12.30pm, they immediately sent me out to take my group, without lunch D: I was in such a fluster, I forgot to take my materials and pen. Ce Shun got it worse though. He arrived thinking he was supposed to be the admin, but because jiasheng fell ill and couldn't make it, he was immediately sent to be the station master, sans briefing or games trial. Shiyong also had to be the roaming bunny / station master / group facil all-in-one. I find our ability to adapt to the last minute manpower shortage amazing.

My group was the DOG. I thought I said that I wanted my group to be called PIG D: but it's okay, ops team 说的算.
My poor group only had six people, and by our 3rd station, half had left. Then I had to join in the games because there weren't enough players to keep the games moving /:

We caught two roaming Easter Bunnies. Shiyong was really nice with the points, but Bumsoo totally sapped us dry, what with the catwalk and peanuts-catching and harlem shake. FOR 30 POINTS?! 真是浪费时间. But I'm really glad my group is quite a sport, which made the day more fun :D

After training and AAR ended, we went to eat Korean BBQ. I wanted to sit next to D so that he would cook for me. D said luckily ade not here, if not he'd have to cook for two HAHA. He ended up sitting in the middle of nowhere. But it's okay! Cos Beck and Bumsoo were sitting right opposite me and they had a great time cooking, which meant I had a great time eating as well ^___^
I find our table really amazing, cos we were like the only people who had all the condiments, which I just watched as they cooked up a storm. CP15 EXCO's favourite food from now on is Korean food hehehe x: