After lunch with Adeline and Deryk at some random food court that I couldn’t find, I decided to go to a café to wait for D until he ended work so that we could go to exco meeting together. So ade recommended me this quaint little place nearby her office.

I found the place easily, because of the big store sign that stretched all the way out to the road;
I wanted to wait for the truck to drive away before taking a picture, but sadly it didn’t move an inch from the time I reached there until D ended his work, so I guess it’s meant to be part of the store front deco?

From outside, the place looked very much like a random grocer’s in Europe, what with the thick black grills and matching round-top door;

There were even fresh produce in wooden cartons near the window, which I saw some of the waiting staff come out to pick ingredients from!
It’s such a good idea to match the theme, plus save space from having to set out another corner for keeping the food.

But from inside, the place does not resemble the grocer’s at all;
I’m pretty sure they are all geared up for Christmas alr. Are they too fast or am I still stuck in my own time-space continuum that does not match that of society?

So for the close to four hours I was there, I had a drink and a cake;
The drink was a homebrew tea, which I absolutely adored. It’s really difficult to find other people who mix tea as well as me ^___^ I’m quite glad I did decide to go for such an adventurous choice in the drink despite my many instances of disappointment. Hopefully this happens with couscous too. I always try couscous wherever the salad bars do serve it, but until now, I have not yet had a decent couscous in sg. Sometimes, I wonder if I should just give up alr /:

The cake was Salted Caramel cheesecake. I think the people at Craft Bakery do it better. The cheesecake itself was nice, but the glazed layer of caramel over the cake made it a little too sweet for my liking.