Chingay 2015: L2 + Hort Park

I am absolutely drained right now. Friday night, we packed logs until almost 11pm, and then went for dinner and shopped for even more logs til 1+am. By the time I got home, I still had to finish up some documents, and then finally went to bed at about 3.30am. I managed to sleep until 6am, and then I started giving morning calls. Most people picked up within one or two calls, and only kz got to suffer the wrath of my 夺命连环call. But then I gave up after 10 tries.


please don't ask what i was doing

I have mixed feelings about how L2 turned out. From the point of view of the exco, L2 was a mega fail. YL even rated 3/10 for the whole day, and bum was pretty upset about how his training turned out.

Right at the start of the day, things started going badly as people bypassed the admin booth and didn't scan-in. Then it was a total panic as we started trying to tally the number of people in the room to the number of scanned-ins while people continued to scan-in. Then immediately some game logs weren't prepared properly cos me and ziyi didn't know we were supposed to print one-sided SBLs from the logs list. And I think I conducted some super animated SBL cos my cat group kept laughing at me ):

Then was the Bob the Builder game, which I think of as running an entire economy. Apparently my group had the least points from the games last week, so we spent the first 1.5hrs of the game just folding flowers at the factory;

They finally began building as a team only in the last 30mins when some of the materials they wanted had alr ran out;

I was a little worried for them cos no one was buying materials or building stuff, but turns out I was worried for nothing cos they came in second place \(^_^)/

Actually I spent most of the two hours not with my group, but having meetings and napping in the room x:

For all that went wrong, a lot of people think L2 went smoothly, and that we had a very good plan, and they all had amazing stuff to say about the training. Apparently it wasn't so obvious on the outside the terrible things happening on the inside, which is great :D

After training and AAR, we had an SOICs recce at Orchard Road because of the road closure;
It wasn't a very helpful recce because I don't think anyone could hear what Alex was saying in that noise, and we were too obviously colour-coded in red and black, people even thought we were going around asking for donations =.= But YL said it was a good bonding session with all the embarrassing things SOICs have a tendency to do.

Then most of the gang went to dinner at 4Fingers;
Me, Alex, Ziyi, Lixin and siblings ran off. The official reason we gave was Alex and Ziyi were going to buy stuff for the Christmas party, and me and Lixin had to follow because we left our bags in the car, and Lixin's siblings had to come along cos they were going home together. The real reason was, we didn't want to eat out in the open space looking like weird people, which was the original plan before they found a table. Another part of the reason was I probably would throw up everything I eat, especially oily food, so I thank ziyi and alex for helping me get away from the rest of them. Night time zouk activity was cancelled cos ade felt lazy. Actually, I felt lazy too, since alex offered to drive me home, but let's pretend only ade was lazy haha.


Then I met ade this morning for Labrador Park, but it ended up as Hort Park;
The place is super chio! ^___^ except for the factories and buildings around it which spoiled the beautiful scenery D: it was a good lunch ambiance though!

I am seriously tired now, and I have to wake up at 9am tmr T___T I guess I'm really playing hard these few days, trying to make the best use of my time before I get cooped up at home for a month. But sometimes, I really need to learn to stop saying yes, and learn to give myself a break.