End of Y2S1

Hello my most fulfilling life! :D I always felt that post-exams are my most fulfilling days ever. It seems like I'm busy every single day doing things I want to do after exams, but before exams it's just study, study, and study. Not that studying is no good, it's just so repetitive that I cannot find joy from it. I hate keeping still, so I guess it's fine if I study in between activities, treating studying as another activity I have to complete, and not just doing it continuously.

So ytd began the journey of my Y2 winter break. I had pizza for lunch with hj after our last paper, and then I headed off to draw blood. I'm not going to pretend to be a good girl who donates blood, because I can't. I'm not yet 45kg so the govt won't let me donate blood even if I'm dying to do so (I'm not, btw). I'm drawing my blood to return it to myself during my operation. My subconscious was kind of really worried about it, I couldn't go to bed until 1+am the night before, and my arm started feeling sore after lunch, even before any needle was poked in. I guess my conscious self just likes to act tough and pretend everything is fine.

Truth to be told, it actually didn't hurt at all. The local anesthetiser worked wonders. Now that I think about it, I can't figure out what I was so worried about. But I think the doctor was making me really worried. She made me drink 3 bottles of water, eat a second lunch and walk up and down just to increase my blood pressure. I kind of felt like I was cheating the system because my blood pressure is generally much much lower than the average person. To actually be above the passing mark is just way too overboard.

After blood donation, I went to watch movie with Juan. I wanted to watch Penguins of Madagascar but he said it was a childish show >.< so we watched Big Hero 6 instead;
Halfway through the movie, he started saying the show was super retarded. And I was totally like, {excuse me, you're the one who chose the show?} if the show was going to be retarded then we should have just watched Penguins instead. Some people are just so hard to please =.=

After the film ended, it was about 6pm alr, and I cabbed down to PAHQ for interviews. Luckily interviews started at 7pm that day, which gave me some time to get there. I sincerely hope interviews are coming to an end soon. We've been dragging this for ages.

I have plans for everyday until Sunday alr, and I had better start planning my time for next week as well, if I really do want to finish my entire post-exams to-do list within half a month /: