It feels kind of a long time since I last passed Christmas in Singapore. Usually I'll be somewhere spending in Europe or America spending a white Christmas with a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and stuff, but this year with my teeth tied together, I have to contend with sniffing the food under this tropical heat ):

And that's not the only problematic part about Christmas this year. Since Monday, I've been pretty upset with some people, and it just got worse during my Christmas eve night. I'm usually quite tolerant of a lot of things, even with people making jokes at my expense. I can just laugh with them and laugh at myself too. But it is only after going through a major operation such as this one, did I find out that some people are really insensitive and overboard. I am quite patient about a lot of things, but when you're taking my life lightly, I think you'd better know when to stop. Otherwise, I am just going to slowly cut off all unnecessary contact with you until we become hi-bye friends, or friends who only talk about work.

Seriously, I cannot see what is so funny about me trying to improve my bite, or at least not let it deteriorate further until I cannot chew anymore. Right now, I spend thirty minutes drinking one cup of water, about five hours just to finish my three liquid meals a day with my mouth tied together, and you're laughing at me? What, are you going to feed me for the rest of my life or am I supposed to live on an IV drip forever? If you are not going to take responsibility for me for the next fifty years, then just shut up and stop irritating me. I normally take your nonsense cos I think it's still fine, but right now, you're just pushing all the wrong buttons. I'm alr tired enough as it is. I just went under the knife, and have no energy left to entertain you. If you think it's so easy why not you try a jaw realignment procedure as well? Omg my Christmas is seriously ruined because of you. I could have just spent a quiet Christmas at home resting and hoping Santa would grant me a speedy recovery, but look at what happened. Also, sorry to Sijia and Crystal for listening to me rant last night. I guess I must have spoiled your Christmas dinner /:

Anw, I took super long with the above drawing today. I think the anesthesia may have killed my creative cells. And even after drawing for something like 3hrs (out of which, 1.5hrs was me drinking water and applying cream and all that), I still don't really like it. I feel like I should have coloured the words Merry Christmas in something like red or gold for it to stand out, but it's going to take too much effort in my state right now, so I just left it as it is. And the Christmas tree is highly asymmetrical because it's a pure hand-drawn picture, with no touch-ups or whatever after, which I usually would only take 10-15mins to do, but it's too troublesome right now. Although I quite like how I made the snowflakes background (:

For now, I am going to just ignore all my unhappiness and hopefully get to finish off today with a happy merry Christmas :D