Post-Finals Day 2 and Day 3

Cantabile Tomorrow ended ytd D: I'm not actually very sad that it ended, because it wasn't the amazing show that I had expected it to be. It was sweet, with all the ooohs, ahhhs and awwws, and it was the same storyline I knew from Nodame Cantabile. There was something missing though; the feeling ain't right. Maybe it's because I'm too affected by the original Japanese adaptation, the Korean one just didn't cut it even with Joo Won doing his best to be the big roasted marshmallow. The roasted marshmallow is my analogy for someone that is hard on the outside, but fluffy and warm on the inside (': which is actually almost all the tough-nut-to-crack male leads.

So after I concluded the last episode of Cantabile Tmr, I went out for high tea with the clique who are in sg, minus burden Amanda who's still having her exams. I treated them to O' Coffee Club, and they bought me a coffee at D' Good Café.

O' Coffee Club;
It was a difficult way there. It was so hidden in a corner that we couldn't find it even though we were just less than 10m away from our destination.

I think what we really wanted to do was eat the staples, but we still ordered pastries just for the sake of keeping to the purpose of our outing. The sausages were nice, but the lobster bisque was just normal. I think we all loved the mashed potatoes in the cottage pie (:

I haven't sat down doing nothing for a long long while. We were so leisurely I could get used to doing that forever. We talked about everything and anything without an end in mind. We talked about looking at the world as a soci student, about how everyone in the entertainment industry has plastic surgery, about dramas and music from our childhood.


Today I got a haircut to prepare myself for the surgery. It's really short now, back to how I used to like it. Maybe I still like it short, cos I felt so relieved after seeing all that hair fall to the floor. I cut my hair because I didn't want to dirty myself in case I throw up, and if I do throw up, washing up would be an even bigger problem, so the smartest way out is to first get rid of the 三千根烦恼丝.

Then lunch with Ben at Supply and Demand. I ordered only one salad and one pasta for both of us to share because the supplements and all that I have been swallowing recently makes me feel like I don't want to eat anything. I'm so hungry, but after I put food into my mouth, I want to spit it right back out. Oh, the agony.

The place had quite a rustic feel;

Nice food;

Then Ben had to be stupid and asked for a paper bag to take away the muffin. It can be finished in two mouths and he needed a bag to take it away?! I just totally rolled my eyes. In the end, he even showed Crystal the 4hr-old muffin which we brought along everywhere with us, including into the movie theatre.

After lunch, I finally got to watch the Penguins of Madagascar;
IT WAS SO CUTE =^_^= but totally not worth the money because there was no story. I guess Juan was right about watching Big Hero 6 instead. Penguins as a story is much more retarded than Big Hero 6, though I absolutely adore the penguin characters. The story started very well with the chasing of the egg and all, but it just went downhill from there. It was totally missing the Madagascar aura of the film.

The film lasted for less than 1.5hrs, so we had time to kill while waiting for Crystal to end work. We went to look at the two iconic Christmas decorations in Orchard Road; the big Christmas tree in taka, and Centrepoint Mall. The Christmas tree was a little disappointing this year, because they chose a really dull red. Maybe a brighter red would have brought out the festive spirit more prominently.

Centrepoint was good as usual. The theme was the streets of Paris, but some of the parts felt a little more English than French. But still commendable on the overall (: