Post-Surgery Day 6

Six days ago, on Tuesday, I finally got down to the main procedure of correcting my injured jawline. I thought I'd just pen down some thoughts while I'm sane now. I haven't been very clear-minded ever since the operation, but I'm feeling way better now :D D calls my surgery a cosmetic one, which is partly true since it'll make me look better at the end of the day, but saying that is equivalent to saying everyone who gets a nose job think their noses are too flat. Some people's noses are really just so flat that they have difficulty breathing at night if they don't go for the surgery, the higher nose bridges just happened to be part of the corrective package.

Right after the surgery, I was really too tired to open my eyes while they were trying to wake me up from the anesthesia. So all I did was shake my head and nod my head to their questions, like {can you hear us right now?} etc. without opening my eyes at all. Then I heard a doctor say {she seems perfectly conscious, idk why her eyes won't open}. That's cos I didn't want them to open HAHA. But I guess I'm sorry I got them a little too worried about it.

Then in the middle of the night I started to throw up about every half-an-hour. The doctor says it's normal of patients who underwent anesthesia. It was a major operation each time I threw up with all the nurses rushing around trying to flush the puke out of my mouth with my teeth tied together, all while I kept my eyes closed. I guess being lazy is in the bones. I don't want to open my eyes, and I won't do it >.< I ended up sleeping sitting upright, cos I think in that state, sleeping any way is perfectly alright.

The next day I was probably awake for at most four hours, I guess. Besides getting a wash and eating and checking up, I spent most of the time lying in bed. I could actually hear my relatives come see me, but then I was too tired to even open my eyes and look at them. I could hear my phone sound all day too. I thank everyone for their concern, but I just couldn't move my arm to reach for the phone, or even want to open my eyes to see where the phone is. For that rare one time I decided to check my phone, I can't actually remember anything I've read or sent.

Over the next few days, I've sent messages I can't remember I sent, or I think I sent messages that I didn't actually send. Everything's a little messed up right now, because I can't seem to differentiate the reality and the imaginary of the last four or five days. Of course it got better along the way, but it's like moving from 10% conscious to 50% conscious. I really have no idea what's going on.

Besides my sanity, I think my face is getting better everyday too. The swelling has come down a lot, and the scabs are flaking off. I still can't talk yet, so I just whimper everyday hoping someone will understand what I'm saying. Or else I write what I want to say, which is really just limited to {I'm hungry now} or {I'm full alr}. I just keep pointing at the same lines I wrote over and over again. I think I'm going to need to learn communication skills all over again.

That's about all for now. I'm kind of tired by the thinking, so I'm going to nap again.