Project Christmas Gifts: Key Chains

Because I'm stuck at home with a month-long MC right now, I am missing out on a lot of Christmas parties. But of course, I still need to make my presence felt. So I made Christmas gifts in advance for the PM team, and asked Ziyi to give them out during the Christmas gathering just now. I spent three days on these 40pcs of things, so you all better be appreciative >.<


Part 1: Making the base
Omg my hand almost broke off from all the sawing and sanding. Especially the sawing. 

Part 2: Designing
I painted 40pcs of these sticks.

Of course, after that I had to sand all the edges again, and gloss them and write names.

Somehow I think my handwriting totally destroyed everything >.< also, partly the marker's fault that it ran out of ink halfway.