Along the Golden Mile by Darren Soh

The Golden Mile and Beach Road district is an area rich in architectural heritage and flavour, with structures that range from pre-war buildings to buildings from the modernist era of newly independent Singapore, to newer ‘starchitect’ designed pieces. With the rapidly changing local skyline, there has been a greater interest in discovering our heritage, manifested especially in discussions about the preservation of buildings and spaces.

Photographer Darren Soh, who is most recognised for his documentation of vernacular local architecture, aims to blur the lines between art and architecture as he explores the district in this photographic exhibition. Details, façade designs and even explicit/implicit signs of human inhabitation and intervention in the built landscape are revealed to viewers as they immerse themselves in the floor-to-ceiling sized prints.

A second part of the show takes place on the floor of the open air roof-top of Objectifs. Here, images are made in a top down manner to show the landscaping, layout and public spaces, giving an aerial perspective to the viewer and the opportunity to continue a virtual exploration of the district.

I was quite interested in this photography exhibition about the urban landscape of Singapore as part of the art week series by this person who was actually trained in sociology! :D makes me feel so proud to be a sociology student too hehe. So ytd after lunch with crystal and jaime, I dragged jaime along with me to see this before I headed off to PAHQ where I stayed until 10+pm at night T___T thanks beck 弟弟 for buying porridge for me for dinner ^_^

It was really quite cool, like stepping outside when stepping into the exhibition, what with the walls, floors and ceilings plastered with pictures of the urban architecture. It would have been even cooler if they managed to cover up the aircon too, so it would seem like the sky was clear. Then it would have been awesome to visit on a rainy day. The juxtaposition would have stood out.

From the roof, we could see the Golden Mile area, and then look at the pictures of the aerial view on the floor and imagine we were looking down on this buildings. The roof is really the perfect choice for this concept, especially when the pictures were laid out on the floors for us to walk around on. It's like walking in the sky and seeing everything from above as miniatures.