Amanda and Hj's 21st Celebration

Happy legal birthday to the two oldest people in the clique! :D we've been planning for this birthday outing since 31st Dec, from deciding on the gifts to choosing the lunch place, to deciding what activities to do. Of course, clique being clique, we made a multitude of changes before finalising all our plans only last night.

Amanda, being the burden as usual, had a meeting on our original outing date last week. So the night before our supposed outing, we changed the date to today. Even though there was a lot of work arranging and rearranging the outing with my parents, I'm actually glad it's today, because this time last week I was still unable to open my mouth and try all the food we ordered.

The birthday gifts were settled the earliest, because only me, christine and jm were involved in this. We decided to get them jewellery from Tiffany & Co. because 大家长大了, and it's more suitable for the occasion. I originally wanted to get them keys to symbolise the coming-of-age, but keys were too expensive. Good thing we didn't get keys though, because amanda's parents got her a white gold key. Our silver key would have paled in comparison. And while looking through the online catalogue, I kept getting distracted by the rose gold designs :P so when we finally decided on the alphabets design, christine went down to the store only to realise there are no letter Hs in the whole of sg T___T so only amanda got the alphabet one, and we got hj the most classic Tiff & Co. design.

I decided on the food. I had originally chose the Japanese restaurant Syun by Hal Yamashita. Apparently he is a very famous jap-fusion cuisine chef. But because the restaurant closes by 3pm before re-opening at night, and we were only meeting at 1.30pm, we had to change to Tangerine by Sam Leong. That's the only eating place in RWS that does not close for aftnn breaks. Actually, there is another place that doesn't close for the aftnn, but it's inside SEA Aquarium, and we're not going to SEA Aquarium. Now that I think about it, we should have just gone to SEA Aquarium, because it was such a tough job getting to the Tangerine restaurant.

The place we went to advocated healthy living, so all the food on the menu came with descriptions on what part of the body each dish is good for, and how many calories are contained within it. The food were all very light on the palate, a really refreshing change from the usual heavy tastes offered by the normal restaurants we eat at. I really liked amanda's fish, but like all fine-dining places, the portions were never enough for people like us with big appetites. But maybe it was enough for hj, who thought her squash was meat, and something else was sausage =.= The meal was worth the money, and it didn't cost more than $150 for the four of us eating. I was expecting the bill to come up to at least $40 per person, and I wouldn't even be surprised if it hit $200. I think we spent a lot more at Shaslik the previous time, but this is much better food.

Then we had birthday service again! ^___^
I think hj and amanda enjoyed the cake more than the desserts we paid for. Amanda had many issues with the barley on the jelly. I quite liked the lemongrass jelly in the coconut, though me and christine agreed that the coconut and the lemongrass jelly did not really complement each other. Not that it tasted bad, but it did not bring out a different feel from just eating lemongrass jelly alone or just eating coconut flesh alone.

Then we began the arduous journey back to the main section of sentosa, to get to Madame Tussaud's wax museum for our main activity. Turns out Images of Singapore became our main activity instead, because the Images of Singapore tix came free with the tix we bought for Madame Tussaud's. We were saying Images of Singapore must be that desperate that it has to even resort to giving out free tix like that, and then when we went in we realised why. It's totally a govt-sponsored politically-laden place, which really is not for sociology students like us. We were overly critical of everything told to us, and mocking at how it really is a place for public education on citizenry. It's free only to make sure that their propaganda messages reach out to as many people as possible.

When we finally got out, we went to Madame Tussaud's. Once again, we picked a good day and managed to avoid the crowds, giving us ample space to take as many pictures as we wanted to :D I love weekday outings and the freedom it provides. But even with so much space and time, we didn't take many pictures because we only picked a selective few figures to take photos with, and just snubbed at the rest of the people. For those figures we actually took photos with, we were extremely creative. At least much more creative than just copying their poses or doing the recommended stuff. For example, our photo with Yusof Bin Ishak was with us holding out $50 and $100 bills, since he's the face on our currency. We also took a selfie with the Prime Minister since he loves to selfie so much. It was agreed that our photos at the wax museum are better kept as a private collection due to certain reasons ._. I might post a few public-friendly pictures on instagram though.

Our other activity option besides Madame Tussaud's was actually Alive Museum, but after we couldn't secure discounted tix because of burden Amanda, we decided to go to the wax museum instead. So while we initially said no wearing skirts to prevent accidentally exposing ourselves doing weird poses in Alive Museum, me, christine and amanda chose to wear skirts. Only hj didn't catch on with the message, and ended up dressed for the beach. She wore a playsuit, and brought her sunglasses and hat along o.o she was totally dressed for the wrong outing. She looked more like she was going to the beach;

After that, we began the difficult task of (mis)leading hj to Crystal Jade for dinner where her classmates were waiting to celebrate her bday for her. I'm really glad we succeeded! ^_^ according to sabrina, hj was surprised for a long time, and she even asked us why we didn't hint her. If we hinted her, it wouldn't still be a surprise, would it? I feel happy for hj so many people turned up to celebrate her turning 21, because it shows that she is loved and cared for by that many people (':

We haven't had an outing like that in a long time, and I think it's this once-in-a-blue-moon days that remind me just how precious these people are in my life. I know I always end posts about clique outings feeling touchy and showing a lot of love to them, but it's truly how I feel about these very important people in my life who have helped me and stood by me through so many things. Cy'all during clique 团圆饭 ♥