First Day, Year 2 Sem 2

photo: google

It's exactly four weeks since the end of my operation, and I can chew soft foods now! I am so amazed by the fact that I can stop eating plain porridge and start eating rice, glass noodles, steam fish, tofu, etc. But my mouth still can't open wide, so I have to have all the foods cut small for me before I put them into my mouth, and then since it's alr in such small pieces, I can just swallow them without chewing /: but of course, whether they are big or small pieces, I still have to use my newfound ability just for the fun of it right.

After 27 days, I have finally taken a step outside of my house + the hospital + the car ytd. I took the public transport and went to school as if everything was new and fascinating. But my back was about to break. There were too many things in my bag. I had to carry extra clothing, a jacket, a cap, my own utensils and food, sunblock, tissue, etc. It seemed more like I was going on a day trip rather than going to school. Luckily for me, when my dad found out I had to buy textbooks, he offered to pick me up after school. Otherwise, I'd probably have really fainted from the weight on the train. I mean, I almost collapsed under the scorching sun walking from Engineering to Arts. It's been a long time since I came out into the sun.

I'm not supposed to expose the operation area to the sun, so I wore a face mask all the way. I can really feel the stigma people have against those with a face mask on. Really, the person standing next to you in the lift may be much more seriously ill than the one with the mask on, but because he feels no social responsibility to others, you just stand next to him and get infected? Maybe standing next to the one who's wearing a face mask may be safer. Especially when the one wearing the mask is me, I'm not even ill. I just need to protect my face.

I finally decided on my mods for this sem ytd too. I have been very fickle this round, dropping two out of three of my pre-allocated mods in favour for others which are more popular. I really don't want to end up in a class of only 10 students. Then lecture and tutorial will just be the same friends, same lecturer / tutor, and participation scores will not differ based on tutorial or lecture attendance. It's really big trouble when the lecturer remembers everyone's names.

I really really hope I get my favourite tutorials, so that I get to continue with my three days a week timetable ^___^ and then I get to plan all my cafe outings on weekdays when places are less crowded. No idea what I'll be eating though, with my teeth all tied up like that. Also, I need time to cater to some unconfirmed thing, which I have no wish to discuss until things are in place. Don't count the chickens before they hatch and grow up. They might not be fertilised eggs or they may die young. 

here's to an awesome semester ahead xoxo