Chingay 2015: NE Show

Joyeuse Saint-Valentin ♥

Chingay 2015 NE Show happens to fall on v-day, and Asri asked me this morning so the kids don't need to celebrate v-day? I think it's not the kids who are impt, it's their teachers who don't get to celebrate D: see students, stop complaining about your teachers when they sacrifice so much for you.

It's also sijia's bday today. I still can't get over the fact that she is a v-day baby. But still, I'd like to thank her for having her party on 15th Feb instead, because I would go to NE Show out of obligation and miss her party if it were held today. Which I wouldn't want to do. And guess the pleasant surprise I had when she announced her bday party on 15th! It solved all my dilemmas immediately ^_^

Actually, on thurs I was told that I had no duty today, but I had alr packed all the v-day gifts for the staff + exco + SOICs;
So I still went down to the F1 Pit to hang out for awhile and give out my love. I couldn't just leave it at home after putting in so much work considering how to colourcode all the candy. Initially, I wanted to throw in a red lollipop too, but they did not sell the red-coloured ones individually, and to get 36 red lollipops, I would have to buy another 100+ lollipops of assorted flavours. So I gave up on that. I wanted a diam candy too, but settled for the hot sweet instead because diam sold out during the cny sales. Oh oh oh, and the meiji strawberry chocolate! I absolutely love that thing. 

In the beginning I was just sitting around the admin booth chitchatting with the free admin and logs people. And then since June's group happened to be practicing cheers in a corner of the vol tent, I went to disturb them for a little while too;
Apparently their leaders are very good at the lyrics but not so good with the actions.

Then I wandered around the whole place looking out for people in neon green shirts to spread the love, and ended up on the Promenade side where they were having a goodbye party right at the start of the day O:
They must be too eager to go home.

Then I got stuck on the other side when the parade started T___T I made several attempts to cross back to the Pit side, but multiple issues arose which kept me stuck for quite a long time. Especially with the flooding in of the students when the crossing-point opened, I dared not cut across for fear of disturbing the flow or cutting into the lines and causing poor kids to get confused etc.

Finally I decided to call my parents to ask how they were going to settle dinner, and I went to find them so that me and my sis could play gooseberry to them while they were having their v-day dinner hehe. Oh, and yes, the shopping too.