House CNY Decor

CNY's coming and I've only bought one dress + one pair of shoes so far. I killed shopping in December with my operation, and I've been at Chingay during the Saturdays, and Sundays were rushing my assignments. But I'll be free to shop til I drop tmr! I didn't purposely choose not to go to Site Recce to go shopping with my mom, but since I'm not going to Site Recce, then I shall go shopping with my mom.

Why am I not going to Site Recce? Cos I don't want to have to roll my eyes at someone's paranoia until my poor eyes get tired. Honestly, I don't understand why some people can't live gracefully and accepting of their own mistakes. Then have to live in fear of me spreading it around. Don't you alr have enough things to do making sure everything goes smoothly, and now you still have to stalk me everywhere I go just to prevent me from talking with other people? You sure are busy huh. Even if you successfully manage to shut me up during the event, how are you going to ensure that I keep quiet after we say our goodbyes at the end of the day? Just so you know, I don't go around telling everyone about your misdeeds. The people that you think is your exco and SOICs are my friends, and they are the ones who asked me about it first. And you only have the right to be angry if I've been saying false things to tarnish your image. I didn't lie about anything and alr you're so worried your image is gone. Did you ever wonder why you're so scared of the truth? You probably need to do some soul-searching.

Last Sunday we did some spring cleaning and put up some CNY deco around the house;
I really love love love the huge cloth 福 in the dining area. It adds a dash of colour into the brown-hued house of ours. And the cute lion dance tissue box cover too. The new vase is also very pretty! We used to have this turquoise vase which was really pretty too, but I think this new one suits the idea of the traditional much better. Especially the shape of the vase. The 对联 isn't fantastic. It was written on the spot when we purchased it, but the 师傅's calligraphy isn't all that great. I have seen much better ones. Of course, my own calligraphy is much worse, but then again at least I don't sell my calligraphy as if it's worth money.