Sijia's 21st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Sijia!
What better way to mark the end of the childhood phase than to have a childhood-themed party with friends all decked out in their pajamas walking around in a hotel's restaurant :D omg the embarrassment we suffered as we walked through the hotel lobby from the toilets to the restaurant after getting changed into our partywear >.< coupled with the blue bands on our hands, we totally looked like we just escaped IMH.

I had actually agreed to coming at 1pm to help out with the decor, but no prizes for guessing who arrived only on time for the party. But it's okay, cos sijia was late for her own party too hehe XP when I arrived, the Dunmanians there were still blowing the balloons and trying to figure out the decor. I tried to make myself useful by taking pictures for sijia's camera, which ran out of memory space halfway and had to switch to my memory card. That's why I have no pictures today, cos even though sijia used my mem card for most of the day, the mem card was put into her camera, and I can't seem to figure out how to convert the pictures for uploading on to the blog.

After the bulk of the guests arrived, we began eating the food! :D the food was good despite my runny nose, so it must have been amazing in reality. Looking at the pictures of what the place normally serves really makes me want to come back to try out their cuisine. And that's not difficult, judging by the fact that it's only less than a five-minute walk away from PAHQ where I go to pretty often anw. Oh, but Chingay's ending soon, so I guess chances to go there are pretty slim now ):

Then we had present-gifting + group photo-taking session, followed by individual photo-taking + pinata-whacking + giving out goodie bags session. I prepared sijia's present based on the theme of valentine's, since she is a v-day baby afterall. I wrapped the gift in pink paper, used heart-shaped washi tape to hold it together, and even picked a lovey-dovey dog couple postcard for the birthday card. The only problem with  the wrapping paper was that it was the thin kind of japanese wrapper, and it kept tearing apart when I pulled it a little too hard. In the end, I just gave up trying to wrap the gift properly and did it in a very messy manner /: sorry sijia >.< 

But anw at least I know she likes the gift despite the terrible wrapping! ^_^ cos I asked sijia what she wanted rather than surprise her with something that is of no use to an art student. I wanted to do something practical for my friend who has so many aesthetically beautiful dreams that are constrained only by the lack of funds for materials for her ideas. Sijia is one of those people whom I don't mind buying art materials for, because at least I know she is able to visualise and then realise her ideas. Some people tell me they want to decorate their wall, with big lofty ideas and pictures found on the net to back it up, and then I get them the stuff they need but they end up destroying it because they just cmi when it comes to art and visualisation. They cannot deviate even slightly from the pictures they found on the Internet because their aesthetic mind is so inflexible.

Sijia's party is the first 21st party I attended this year. Even though I received a couple of other invitations, I had to reject them because I was not yet able enough to enjoy the food and party properly with a half-healed jaw. I wasn't able to enjoy the food thoroughly today as well, but I'm alr doing much better than before. I feel that sijia put in a lot of effort to make this party a success, from choosing the cake, soundtrack, and even preparing goodie bags that all fit the theme! Meeting up with the other Dunmanians whom I will not usually meet personally / talk to was also great, because even though we are not that close, I still want to catch up with them. The sense of belonging to DHS is really different from belonging to any other school at all. Oh, and I saw the juniors and some teachers who were at the Chingay NE Show ytd, and Bryan even told me that DHS was one of the earliest schools to arrive. It's the little things like this that make me proud to say I am a student of Dunman High (':