Chingay 2015: Parade 1, Parade 2, Night Fiesta

Parade 1

It was Alex's birthday, so I bought him a birthday cake from Awfully Chocolate for a surprise;
The cake was the main reason I went down, because I wasn't supposed to be on duty on Friday, and it was a good thing I did, because they were super busy in the aftnn, so I was glad to be of help (:

I got pissed off during scan-in with some guy from ITE who was probably there cos his school made him do it. He seemed more like he wanted to pick a fight with me rather than help out at Chingay. Said guy later stayed out of all aftnn duties and wouldn't listen to his SOIC, who was pointing him out to me when I went to walk around. Some people have the amazing ability to make everyone hate them.

Then I went off for dinner at the Esplanade;
There was a live jazz band playing while I was having my dinner, so that was an awesome 2hr getaway from the heat (:

Parade 2

The day was super hot. SUPER HOT. I drank four bottles of water within the first 2hrs of my arrival. And we almost spoiled two laptops from placing it under the sun, despite having alr adjusted the tables in multiple ways.

For dinner, me and Clarence walked from the F1 Pit to Millennia Walk to Marina Square and back to Millenia Walk cos ade was being a burden and wanted mushroom soup from mos burger instead of porridge. So I had mos burger for dinner too. After dinner, we went walking around and watched the show up close on the road itself hehe :D

Then we watched the fireworks too!

Qiuyi takes super nice pictures of the fireworks omg. Luckily she did take pics, cos mine were all fails T___T

The most eventful part of the day probably was the giving out of transport allowances, because money went missing. We actually suspect that the money didn't disappear. It probably was not even given to us, because at the end of the day, one of the stacks we did not use was the one that had less than the stipulated amount. We came up with many theories on what could have happened, but I guess we'll never know.

Night Fiesta

Because of the previous incident, we counted the money super carefully this time. For three whole hours we just sat in the NYC Hub counting how much was given to us, how much we should give it out, and categorising the money into their respective sectors. And because of that we had to trouble Leo to buy dinner back for us, and we missed watching the show altogether /: but it was absolutely worth it because there was no discrepancy at all and we went back at 11+pm (except for poor px who got stuck)! \(^_^)/ I'm so proud to be associated with these people. 大家辛苦了! :D

Rewind to before evening came. I was super upset right at the start of the day cos I got scolded for something that wasn't even my fault, cos someone totally messed with the original plans that px briefed me about and didn't even bother to tell px it has been changed and how it was changed. If the person I'm taking instructions from doesn't know, how am I supposed to know? And then didn't even want to hear me out. I wouldn't have minded so much about getting scolded because I understand what that person was saying but it was just the way of saying it. Just cos I'm wearing a yellow shirt doesn't make the green shirts any bigger than me okay.

And some people need to stop 感情用事. I know I'm not a guy so there won't be any romantic attraction towards me but that doesn't mean you can play favourites on ground. Especially not when I'm trying my best to be working with you despite all the unhappiness.

Since lixin wanted to study, me and px and Qiuyi and Clarence went to do site recce and then we took some selfies and jump shot in the middle of Orchard Road during the road closure;
I seriously think the security complained about us to the staff haha XP but honestly, no one is going to remember the heat or even the contents of the arguments we had about all the minute stuff, but it's the crazy stuff like that which we will remember fondly ten years into the future ♥

Final Thoughts
Leaving the exco was probably a very good decision because I suddenly felt really free after that. I had a lot of time to myself and my drama, and it pulled closer the distance between me and px. Simply because I was no longer the deputy chairperson she was able to comfortably tell me many things, including some really sneaky stuff people did which caused a misunderstanding between us last year.

Having no duties on ground and lazing around the admin booth is something I haven't done before, and I kind of really enjoyed it (a little too much, actually.) We were able to have our dinners out instead of eating expired bento, we went walking around and watching the show with no stress or pressure, and I wasn't in a rush to get anywhere, unlike last year when I had to be at the admin booth and red sector at the same time. 真是乐得轻松 ^___^