Jiamin's Super Early 21st Birthday

The IT Show was really highly disappointing /: I mean, I was so looking forwards to buying my new camera which I had been reading up and doing research on for over 10+hrs. My older two cameras were both super high-end for their simple compact types at the point when I bought it, but I have finally decided that I need something more than just a simple point-and-shoot. Despite the craving for agency, I still want a certain amount of structure. So I decided on a prosumer model, rather than a DSLR, of course also at the top of its range, which unfortunately was not available at the fair D: I'm sorry christine and amanda had to accompany me to the IT show and squeeze with the crowds without achieving anything at the end except for some selfies we took while trying out other camera models. 

I wanted to get a new camera basically cos my older one is, well, old. And also cos I'll be away for two months, I thought that it'll be better to buy a new camera now rather than when I come back from my trips. Since I decided to get a much much better camera, I also decided that maybe I should invest as well in some photography courses. My mom says my vacation is costing more and more money. First I have to pay for the trip, then I have to pay for a new camera to use on the trip, and then I have to pay to learn how to use the camera. Everything would have been much better if I decided not to go away in the first place haha. 

We met jm outside the fair, before proceeding to Holland V to have our long-awaited Crystal Jade 拉面小笼包;
I say long-awaited, because we were supposed to have this for 团圆饭 last year, but burden amanda called too late and couldn't get us a reservation. We ended up at the Korean BBQ place where we enjoyed the pancakes a lot. Since jm's back, and the main point was to celebrate jm's birthday today, we decided to have xlb buffet cos it's one of jm's unfulfilled cravings. This time, the burden made up for it by reserving seats one week early. I'm so proud of you, amanda! ^_^

Hj was making herself useful by helping to peel the prawns;
Then she accidentally cut herself on a prawn shell, and when she passed me the prawn, she said the prawn has my blood stain on it. Errr.... after that I wasn't exactly sure if I was supposed to eat the prawn or not ._.

Hj was super happy with the mini 馒头s that she ate about 5 or 6 of it all by herself o: that's a pretty huge feat for the one who perpetually wastes food;
Christine even commented on the fact that she hasn't seen hj so happy to eat anything ever.

Then the desserts came;
We had osmanthus jelly and red bean jelly. The red bean jelly was super nice ♥ I think if Crystal Jade sold the red bean jelly à la carte I would be an ardent fan of their tea time.

Post-dinner, and the four of us non-birthday girls were trying hard to figure out how to lead jm to Plain Vanilla to get her cupcakes for her birthday party. So we came up with this grand plan on walking around Holland V looking for a decent café for a drink, then decide to give up and go home because it has been a long day, but Christine would say that Christle wanted her to buy cupcakes home, so we would go to Plain Vanilla and get the cupcakes. Only thing, Plain Vanilla was closed, so we had to reconfigure the plan.

We just went along with no plan, and basically asked jm which café she would like to go to. We found ourselves at Craft Bistro cos I suggested to have drinks and cake there;

Jm was super unsuspecting, despite the glitch this aftnn made by hj in asking the clique chat about the surprise. I think it's basically too early for her to suspect we were going to have a birthday for her, so she was honestly surprised when they served us our cakes with a lit candle on it. She even asked who's birthday is it today? in the what-is-going-on-here tone. 任务成功 XD

The birthday gifts were from Novica. Novica is an online store by National Geographic, selling the intricate handiwork of native peoples. It's a good store to buy from becauseall the items are handcrafted, and native handiwork is always so beautiful, and we get to help the natives break out of the poverty cycle and underdevelopment they are very much associated with. Another reason why we got jm gifts from Novica was because they were having a 50% sale during the Valentine's Day period. So we could get jm really expensive stuff for just half the price, which actually makes the true retail price of her bday present more valued economically as compared to amanda and hj's tiff & co necklaces, even though the amount of money that left our wallets didn't differ by a lot.

We got for jm a sterling silver necklace carved into an origami giraffe;
It's a giraffe cos giraffes live in Ethiopia. Christine got the fox version of this for herself. I like this series cos it's amazing how the hand can carve something to make it look like it was folded instead. I helped jm put on the necklace this time (: video not included.

Then we got her a cotton and leather bag as well;
I'm not really sure which part of this bag is handcrafted, but I suppose even the patterns on the cloth would be handwoven. And the stitching between the bag and the cloth too.

Then after the mini birthday party we all went home cos hj has 8am lessons tmr and eujin was waiting for Christine at Woodlands. It's good to be home early too, since I really am lacking in sleep and not really catching up with the readings. I'm going to work hard over this weekend! I even wrote out a study plan alr. Wish me luck~!