Lens Cap Strap

So I finally bought the camera I have been thinking about for the past 3 or 4 days. I haven't begun playing with it yet, but I'll probably do that on Monday at carol's wedding party :D it's such a good timing to test out my new camera and also pick up some tips from yx on how to work a camera that's too smart for me.

I'm really really really pleased with the camera, cos it's really all powerful. Too many websites have been raving about it, and showing how good its specs were. And even when I went to the shops to ask about the camera and its similar models, they told me that I picked the best alr, and that if I want anything better, they'd have to recommend me a DSLR. One of them even said that this new lens technology is almost equivalent to buying the three basic lenses that Canon has to offer to its DSLR users. So I guess that's saying that I saved a lot of money getting this model rather than a Canon 700D + three lenses? Well, the main point would be that the focus of my camera shopping was to not get a DSLR. But still, hearing that kind of compliment from an expert kind of made me feel good about the amount of work I put in to read up on cameras (':

Anw, I was pretty happy with everything except this;
This, is the free lens cap strap that came in the package. I actually quite liked the idea that it's simple and black, and I especially liked that it was elastic, so that it would be unlikely for me to tug at it til it snaps. But that bulge there was creating a lot of distaste in me. I finally moved on from a simple camera so everything about my newfound love has to be perfect. This enthusiasm would probably wear away within the next month ._.

So anw I took this ugly one out and made a new one. I was kind of feeling lazy to make another one, and just live without a lens cap. It's just that when I think of the extremely high possibility of me losing my lens cap on the first day out, thus creating an imperfection, my hands just automatically started moving.

I can't even believe this simple design took me 45mins of my life, and that's alr excluding the thinking time I needed to come up with the concept T___T I usually think for a long time and then working it is real fast once I get the idea in my head. But today, I wasted a lot of string and metal clips because I couldn't get the length I wanted, and kept snipping away at the string until it was so short I had to replace it with a longer one.

But yep, it turned out pretty in pink (: and that's really all that matters.