Paying Our Respects to Mr Lee

Determined to see the man off on his final journey, we were undaunted by the 10hr wait and decided to go queue up to pay our respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Friday may not have been the best choice of timing, since it would probably be the second most crowded day besides Saturday, but I still decided on Friday anw cos I didn't want to step out of the house on Thursday. But guess who overslept and missed class instead. I could have taken a cab and missed just 10mins of class instead of the entire 1.5hrs, though I decided against it. So I met Christine earlier than expected, and we started queuing from 12nn. The official wait time reported was 8hrs, but we arrived at the end of the line before 4pm. I guess oversleeping isn't too bad, as long as it happens on the correct day. And it's my first time this sem missing class.

I wore a white top with a black skirt, and Christine wore a black dress. We really 心有灵犀 when it comes to this kind of things. We know it's going to be hot so we wore skirts instead of jeans, and both of us wore black flats just to be respectful. And we both brought umbrellas. 

The sun wasn't scorching, and the queue was continuously moving, and me and Christine chatted about Singapore politics for most of our 3km walk to the Parliament House. One thing is for sure, that PAP is really beneficial for our country. We were expecting to sit for a very long time in the tents, but we left the Padang within 40mins of our arrival. It was a pretty short walk to the end, so all the picnic stuff we brought didn't come in handy. Especially not when food and drinks were being distributed almost every 50m. This is really a period of solidarity and efficiency. Singaporeans take the initiative to help distribute food and water to their fellowmen in the sun; volunteers were activated within hours; and road closures and tents were built in the blink of an eye. I'm sure Mr Lee is really proud of our bureaucracy. And Christine says, what bureaucracy?

The route from the Padang to the Parliament House was rather long-winded, but it made us walk through very beautiful places, which did help lighten the mood a lot, especially if those who were queuing were as touristy as me. The latent function of making us walk along the Singapore River was to show Singaporeans how beautiful their country really is, and to show them more things they could do here instead of complaining about how small and uninteresting this place is. I mean, how boring can my favourite place on Earth be. People just need to make the effort to seek out the hidden nooks and crannies, rather than just go shopping all the time. There is a limit to how much happiness money can buy, but experiences are priceless. 

Photos from en route, since no photography was allowed inside;

In other news, I'm currently suffering from heat exhaustion T___T