So Proud of Them (:

Usually I only go on fb when I receive notifications on my phone, and it's the end of event, so I've been receiving a few friend requests, and then I got to chance upon some rather interesting stuff.

Ben was featured in Humans of Singapore

Humans of Singapore was modelled after Humans of New York, and I didn't see it as being a big success because Humans of New York really had a very distinctive writing style which Humans of Singapore didn't. Though it did find its own voice after a while. But when I saw this, I felt that maybe this page wasn't that bad afterall haha.

I'm really gratified to know that people actually appreciate what the Parade Management volunteers do. While we always say that people only see the performers and we are the never-to-be-seen backstage crew, there are actually people who notice us, and that kind of makes all the effort and time we put in worth it. Especially the exco and the SOICs. They spend hours having meetings, conducting trainings, and preparing deployment plans, and then on ground they spend hours under the sun getting the seating gallery ready and ushering people, all while taking shit from the staff. And yet, they still can smile at and stop to help every single person they pass by, without complaint.

Well done, Ben! Well done, CP15 PM crew!

Nicolette wrote an article on Jing Mei on Vulcan Post

I don't know either Nicolette or Jing Mei personally, but we've said hi a few times. It's still nice to know what other people have been up to with their lives despite not being very close to them. We were fated to be cohort-mates afterall. And being a Dunmanian really shaped my life in ways I'd never thought of when I joined this school, so I always felt some sort of ties between me and the people of DHS. I visited Jing Mei's store cos of the article, and it's really not bad. I'd probably make a purchase some time soon, just to show some support (: