The Oasis in the Desert

It has been a week of 5am late nights and 7am early mornings. I basically slacked away my recess week, and then spent the crucial Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Chingay. Of course, I got by Chingay rather easily, but after over 12hrs in the hot sun, even if I did nothing, I was also really drained and unable to do anything when I got home. And on Monday, I had an essay due and econs midterms. I basically wrote my paper in less than 3hrs, and didn't reread it at all. The midterms were relatively easy, but because I didn't study some crucial formulas, I knew how to do the questions but couldn't do them. Hours slept: 3. On Wednesday I had another paper due at 10am, so I spent my entire Tuesday after school until 5am writing it. Hours slept: 2. Then I was basically so drained on Wednesday evening, I went to bed before dinner and slept 12hrs right into the Thursday morn. I was actually planning to study after having dinner, but that didn't come through because my parents didn't wake me up for dinner ._. Then Thursday I spent it rushing my presentation for Friday. Hours slept: 4. I'm so glad that this insane week is over. Now I'm only left with e-learning week assignments and two other essays for the rest of the sem.

(I'm saying this full of determination now, but I'll update again if it really does come into fruition.)


To mark the end of this crazy hectic week, I went for dinner with Sijia \(^_^)/ I know I just met her two weeks ago on her birthday, but that was crowded. It's been more than four months since it was just the two of us >.<

Sijia had a craving for makisan so here's our happy dinner food;
Normally I start making up my order by going through the rows at the top, but I usually don't get very far before using up all my choices, so this time I decided to start from the bottom so that I would get a different order. Initially I wanted to fry my seaweed skin sushi, but they don't do frying after 5pm, so I ended up with tofu for the skin.

After dinner we went to buy scratch&sniff cos Sijia's friend recommended her to buy it. And then this is what happened;
They are all super cute omg. The cute monkey banana smells the best, and the chocolate smell had cute cupcake drawings =^.^= but now I have so much scratch&sniff, I think everyone who gets a handwritten letter from me now on will all get a scratch&sniff haha.

Finally we cabbed to the korean dessert place Sijia said she wanted to bring me to. When we got to the place, I asked her where on earth were we o.o the place is super ulu and hidden deep inside a landed property estate;
I don't think anyone would go there if they don't drive or take cab (or walk there like Sijia, cos it's in her estate). It was quite creepy finding myself there. But the travel there was totally worth it because omg the shaved ice was heavenly ^_^
I was really surprised that there were small pieces of 麻芝 in there so that there was some 嚼劲 rather than just swallowing ice. But nearing the end of the bowl the taste of the milk that had seeped to the bottom became a little too overpowering. It was too sweet for our liking if we didn't have ice to go along with it, so then we didn't finish the last little bit in the bowl.

Thanks Sijia for the happy food and happy evening ♥ it was an awesome way to end a crazy week!


Today I met Ben for lunch. And he was half an hour late =.= I even managed to buy a whole lot of stuff while waiting for him. I originally went to Yves Rocher to collect my free gift, but since the person said I'll get a complimentary $15 off for spending $35, and I needed to get myself body care products for my upcoming two months away, I ended up buying an entire set of shampoo, conditioner, soap and moisturiser. Then there were free samples too. So here's what I got all just for $43;
[edit] Thanks Christine for sharing the free gift thingy with us! ^_^

So when Ben finally came, we went to eat Indonesian food. Here's why;
Me: What are we eating tmr?
Ben: Do you have any carvings?
Me: I have a few from Bali.
Ben: Then we'll eat Indonesian cuisine.
Obviously he was asking whether I had any cravings and I was just being naughty when I answered about the carvings, but it was a good experience anw, since we probably would have never decided on Indonesian food if that didn't happen. Like, what are the chances that people will think of having Indonesian food when they go out? It's like saying people will suddenly crave Russian food or something. 

The place we went to was Tambuah Mas in Paragon. It served really good Indonesian food;
It was mildly spicy, and at a very comfortable level for my tastebuds. Usually when people say it's not spicy at all, it turns out to be very spicy for me, so if others ate this they will probably think the spice is nonexistent.

The portions were rather small as compared to my imagination though, but that's a good thing for when a big group comes they can order more food and try out more dishes. The waitress was also pretty confusing in that sense cos she told us we ordered too much. Like I asked for 3 ketupat, and I thought we would get literally 3 pieces of ketupat. But she repeated our order as 3 sets of ketupat, which shocked me, and so we asked how much is one set of ketupat. She didn't answer the question directly but she said it's quite a lot and one would be more than enough for one person. So we ordered 2 sets. And then guess what, 1 set is really just 1 piece of ketupat which was not a lot for us. I was also a little worried about ordering 3 dishes initially, because if it was the size of normal Chinese restaurant dishes, 3 would be too much. But we managed to eat everything anw, since it was quite small. 

Of course, when eating Indonesian food we must not forget the cendol;
It's not too bad, but the red kidney beans weren't really the nicest of its kind, and although they gave a lot, the gula melaka was quite thin.

Overall, the meal was relatively good. Incomparable to the ones I had in Bandung, Indonesia, but very good for Indonesian food in sg. Ben was really relieved to hear that cos he was super stressed about bringing me out to eat after the Poulet experience XP his future gf will appreciate me a lot, for teaching him how to choose good eating places. 

Then we had 2hrs to kill before the movie, so we went to eat ice-cream at Milkcow;
The ice-cream is really smooth, but somehow only the first bite gives the feeling of woah, this is good. The subsequent mouths are still pleasant, just that it doesn't jump out at me. Oh, and the cows are cute hehe.

I got the honeycomb flavour cos liquid honey is just too mainstream. I liked it a lot. Especially each time I cut up the honeycomb, and more honey oozes out of it. The size of the honeycomb is too big relative to the size of the petite ice-cream, and it's not possible for me to just eat the honeycomb alone after I have finished all the ice-cream because my mouth will feel too sticky and too sweet.

Finally, before I went home, I wasted 1.5hrs of my life watching Spongebob Squarepants the movie;

I never liked Spongebob (both the character and the show) to begin with, and even if I have to 勉强 choose one character I like, my favourite is Patrick. I watched the trailer that time me and Ben saw Penguins, and I alr declared that I am sooo not going to watch it. But since he wanted, I decided to be a nice friend if not he probably wouldn't have anyone else to watch it with. But I ended up spending 1.5hrs of my life rolling my eyes. I'm alr tired enough as it is throughout a whole draining week, and now I have to tire my eyes even further? >.< next time, I get to choose the movie. I'm not going to be nice for anyone else anymore if I'm alr so tired like this.

When I told Sijia I was going to watch Spongebob ytd, she was super excited about it and asked if she could take over my place to eat Indonesian food and watch the movie. Sijia, next time I'm not going to deprive you of this kind of stuffs anymore. You shall go in my place. I regret being a bad friend today.