Drama Remakes

Remakes are a highly common occurrence in dramaland. They can be remakes of mangas, original series or webtoons. Remakes have been long in the running, I probably can list some over twenty remake titles off the top of my head, including Princess Hours (from manga), Fated to Love You (from Taiwanese to Korean), Misaeng (from webtoon), etc;
It's not a new phenomenon, certainly not when Boys Over Flowers (from manga) have been made in Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea;
But idk why it's suddenly becoming the craze. For every original series I have watched since last September, I happen to have watched one remake as well. Not literally, since I can't remember everything I have watched / dropped off halfway, but I'm just trying to stress the extent of the remakes craze. Of course I understand that it's safer for the TV stations to remake tried and tested solutions because there is alr an existing fan base, but they need some original ideas of their own as well. We're in an age that sells creativity and ideas, y'know. 

Currently airing is Superdaddy Yeol (from webtoon);
I gave up on it after the first three episodes because the show is too unrealistic, it looks too much like every scene jumped out of a comic book. Or in fact, I should say that every camera angle and every cut looks just like a manga page, except in pictures rather than drawings. What's with the actors making faces that seem to exist only in comics for the sole purpose of portraying feelings? In a live action series, actors should be able to transmit how they feel with subtle changes in facial expressions, and not recite their feelings out like I can't read the book myself.

But besides that, I think Dr. Frost (from webtoon) was pretty well done;
If psych students watched this they would probably point out all the little problematic details that I would never have thought of, but for me it was an easy watch with no jarring issues on camera angles or hyperrealism unlike Superdadday Yeol. The only thing I couldn't understand was how this world is filled with so many psychopaths that there are crimes to be solved every episode. It kind of makes me worry for my safety /:

Of course, there were some remakes that I was extremely happy with, like Fashion King (from webtoon to movie);
This show tops the charts for ridiculousness and warped fashion senses, but all is well because of Joo Won ♥ Astrid said I have double standards, but no, there is in fact only one standard:
1. As long as there is Joo Won, it is good.
2. Judge the show only if there is no Joo Won.
That's a lie actually, since I didn't like Seventh Grade Civil Servant even though Joo Won was in it. That show was basically senseless.

The other remake Joo Won did late last year was Cantabile Tomorrow (from manga Nodame Cantabile). There was a Japanese remake of it too from about five to six years ago;
I actually felt that the two dramas were telling two different stories even though the characters look very much the same. The six main characters had pretty similar behaviour patterns to their counterparts as well. But besides that, the others all did not have similar personalities or back stories. I only recognise them because of their similar styling. Of course, I liked the Japanese one because a lot of it was filmed in Paris and the story was much more developed, but I liked the execution of Korean one for certain more important scenes. For example, I think taking off the shirt to reveal him wearing the S-Orchestra t-shirt had more impact when done on stage rather than backstage. And in the Korean one, the Maestro was a much more emotionally sound character, and at least he had a story to tell too. The Japanese one was super cute because of the over-the-top acting styles typical of Japanese drama, which made me laugh a lot. But the Korean one had Joo Won ^___^ I'm not going to try compare the two dramas, because I love them both, and like I said, they are basically two different stories.

Also, recently ended was the new Japanese remake of Itazura na Kiss (from manga). I was so so sad D: This manga has been remade into Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and again Japanese dramas;
I can safely say the Love in Tokyo version wins, hands down. The original Japanese remake had only nine episodes, and it moved so quickly and it took out so much of the story that there was not much emotional buildup and they suddenly got together. 恶吻 was my first exposure to Itakiss and will always be remembered for that, but it's not fantastic, especially not the second series. Although kudos to filming it in Guam like the manga dictated. The Korean one followed the manga and had the secret kiss in the forest, unlike the other three which did it in the hospital. Love in Tokyo just made the rest pale in comparison. Also because of 古川雄辉 ♥