Food (& new camera)

Lady M New York 
Friday, 10 Apr 2015

Ben was trying so hard to figure out how the waitresses know how much cake to cut for each slice. I was just, well, it doesn't matter since no one knows how much the cake the others got. As long as they look somewhat similar, it's good enough.

This cake looked so cute, I ordered it. First impressions count for a lot. But then it came with terrible plating /: seriously, what kind of plate is the same size as the cake itself? It's not pretty enough for the sleek-looking interior of the place. There was one layer of cream cheese, which was a bonus, though I thought it might do better to just use cream cheese for all the layers rather than cream. 

This Sicilian Red Beef Pot Pie had a thin layer of dough, but it wasn't only crispy right to the core. The dough was tangy and stretchable, just the way I like it. They were really generous with the beef and mushroom, so that it seemed less like a pot pie, but more like beef and mushroom wrapped in dough, sprinkled with potatoes. Not that I'm complaining though, cos who wants potatoes when I can have beef instead ^_^ 

The PoTeaTo
Saturday, 11 Apr 2015

Just look at this huge slice of smoked salmon o.o I loved the avocado as well, it was super fresh, just like digging it straight out of the fruit minus having to touch the squishy skin.

Noodle Place
Saturday, 11 Apr 2015
I suddenly felt a craving for Asian food, so I went walking around and spotted this place. It's kind of like a HK noodle shop upmarketed. As a signature dish, the meal wasn't fantastic. In fact, I didn't feel that the dumplings or wanton were fresh. They felt like they had arrived from the pre-packed process food factory, and were taken out of the freezer. The upside, they remembered to thaw the dumplings before they put it boil. And the soup was kind of salty.

(&i absolutely adore how my new camera churns out pics that no need editing at all ♥)