Web App

1. my score
2. daddy's score

I was fumbling around looking for travel maps when I chanced upon this web app Basically, this is what it does;
The basic idea behind the map is quite simple. It divides the earth into graticular blocks with a size of 2x2 degrees. By selecting those cells that you've already visited, the application calculates:
1. how many of the earth's 197 countries you've visited
2. the share of the world's population that lives in the selected areas
3. the share of the earth's land surface that lies inside the selected cells
The overall travel score is calculated as the mean of these three parameters. Of course this calculation method is kind of arbitrary. It's just my approach to measuring how much of the world a person has seen.
I was playing around with it, and my dad said he wanted to do it too. He has obviously been to a lot more places than marked on the map, but when he saw that my score was 5, he decided that getting a score of 10 is more than enough. That's why his score is like that. But for the next two hours following that, he kept telling me stuff like, i should have selected this and that city as well. Too bad daddy, it's too late. You should have just been less competitive about the scoring and do it properly instead.

Sadly, the app doesn't allow me to save my scores in an account and then come back to add on to it in the future when I've been to more places. So once the browser is closed and I open it up again, it'll start from zero and I've to select everything all over again.

But I like this app a lot, because it's a better reflection of where I've been rather than those which only selects by country. Otherwise, I look like I've been everywhere simply because I've been to America, Canada, and China; is also better because it doesn't select so many European countries at once. Like when I just travel along the border of Germany and Austria, the general world map makes it seem like I've been to these two countries, but the map puts both Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria within one square because of its proximity.

But I wished the app had named more cities instead. I know they just name the more popular destinations for ease of finding, but I can't tell the relative distance between cities, so I couldn't select every city I've been to. And I can't tell which country is which simply based on capital names either, so I couldn't select countries I've been to if I never been to the capital city.

For example, this is the largest zoom of Thailand the map gives;
It's easy to spot where Bangkok is, since it's marked out, but what about Chiang Mai and Rayong?

And this is all I get of USA;
What happened to Universal Studios and Disneyland in Orlando? Or my favourite Monterey? The map also doesn't split up the 52 states clearly.

When I have the time, I will google all the different cities I have been to and do this properly once and for all.