a huge thank you to all the chefs and service staff at Jaan for making it a really beautiful 3.5hrs birthday lunch ♥ also for putting us at the seat with the best view, and being attentive, and good food, and inviting us into the kitchen, and for everything else

Jaan is the best french restaurant in Singapore, ranks 11th place in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2015), and 74th in the World's Best Restaurants List (2015). And most importantly, my 哥 works there. So I can't seem to phantom a better way to celebrate my 21st birthday besides having a nice lunch on the 70th floor of the Equinox Hotel, overlooking the ever-beautiful Singapore skyline. Sadly, I couldn't get a picture of the skyline with me in it because of the harsh backlight of the sun.

The last time I had a meal with portions of this size of more than 5 courses and with dresscode requirements was just before my op, which was close to half a year ago. And this time, I'm turning 21, looking young and pretty, chewing properly and even have my braces removed. I can't help but sigh at how time flies :')

It was a ten-course menu, excluding the complimentary pre-starters from the chef. Every picture is at full size because they are all too pretty to be any smaller than that;

thanks to the chocolatier for preparing me such a cute cake!

two people to a plate of pre-meal

beetroot platter

after pictures, the eggs were poured into the bowls

dory fish + pork

fish with thai curry and pumpkin

哥 and the medium-rare pigeon before it was split up

for desserts, either the strawberry platter or the chocolate platter
also, cheese with truffle sorbet

different wines for different segments of the meal

final desserts, truffle macarons, chocolate liquor lollipops and banana marshmallows