Jiamin's Birthday without Jiamin (again)

Here's the story of how we ended up doing what we did today. As usual, clique can never make decisions until the final moment. Friday night at Dean and DeLuca, we had concluded through the elimination of SEA Aquarium, Bird Park, Crocodile Farm, Animal Resort, Zoo, USS, Alive Museum, that we should go to Gardens By the Bay. Sunday night, the whole ball game had changed and we were choosing between baking at hj's house or Luge at Sentosa. It was only at 11.30am this morning that we finally decided to go baking, and we'll decide after baking if we still wanted to go ride the Luge at night.

I met hj at Stadium at 1pm. I was alr 30mins late, but Amanda was being a burden (again, as usual). SHE WAS STILL IN PULAU NTU T___T so me and hj bought the ingredients and went for lunch. Amanda met us directly at Old Town White Coffee. Then after seemingly having walked an entire round around the new Stadium, we finally got to hj's house.

Hj was a mega burden in her own house. She didn't know how to use her oven, so Amanda figured it out. She couldn't find the muffin tray so she asked if we wanted to bake a rectangular cake instead. She found the measuring spoon only after we had used the medicine spoon to measure 15ml of milk. And we even used a butter knife as an improvisation to using a brush to grease the tray;

But besides doing a lot of random searching for stuff, we actually progressed rather quickly;

The problems started coming only after we put the cake into the oven. We didn't really know that putting this amount of batter into the tray...
...would result in an expansion and overflow of batter;

And it was still a little wet when we took it out. Seems like the instructions to take it out after 23-25mins was too short. And there was also a tinge of sourness probably because we used fresh milk instead of full cream milk, though it didn't affect the overall taste. Btw, the taste after we let it cool down and harden was actually rather good. Especially with the icing and coconut and milo.

In case it has not yet become obvious, we were actually attempting to make cute snowman cakes, which should have looked like this ideally;
photo and recipe: bakingmad.com

Yet, this was how it turned out;

We didn't have anything to decorate the cake with except for the dried coconut which we bought because the recipe did specify it in the ingredients list. But there were no chocolate chips or jelly beans for the eyes of the snowman, so we used milo powder instead. Amanda used icing mixed with milo powder in her palms to create the eyes and lips in her drawing of the girl;
Hj even tried putting dried longans on my snowman for the eyes x:

It was rather disastrous, but I guess we all liked how it eventually came to taste (:

After feeling super full from eating a super huge amount of cake and icing, we decided to go to Sentosa to play Luge to burn off the calories before heading for dinner;

But it was a double disappointment. Firstly, our favourite pizza place which we had celebrated jm's bday in for the last 2 or 3 years closed down! D: then the Luge was not really worth it because we only wanted to ride it once, but the tix for going 3 rounds was in fact cheaper than going just one, and the rule said no sharing the 3 rides among 3 people T___T so while we were standing around wondering what to do next, someone came up to Amanda and gave us 4 tix for the Skyride instead! :D we ended up throwing one of the rides away, but still, we got to ride for free! ^___^
Thank you so much to that random stranger, you really did make our day! ^___^

Because of this, me and hj decided to agree that Amanda 的确有魅力, JUST FOR THIS ONCE.
amanda and her free tix

After our ride, we walked back to RWS to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe;

While waiting for our food, we video-called jm to wish her an early birthday;
Also, to remind her to remember to wear her necklace tmr :D and she mentioned that she's been using the bag hehehe (':

The day ended after dinner, because hj starts at her internship tmr at 9am and I have stuff on at 10am which I can't be late for. Amanda's only going to the cafe at 1pm tmr, but she still went home anw cos we wanted to call it a day.