Meiji Run 2015

Meiji is trying to openly sell a healthy lifestyle through the run while secretly encouraging people to eat more of their products by opening a buffet party after completing the run. Luckily for me, I saw through their sales plot immediately, and was there for the buffet more than the run heh. 吃货就是吃货, 本性改不了 XP

But of course, the rule clearly stated that we had to complete the run before we were allowed into the fair, so me and Alex practically walked the entire way, running only for less than the first five minutes. Including stopping to take pictures with the placards and trying hard to keep our balance walking in the slopes of sand along the beach, we completed the walk in about an hour;
It was a rather cute walk because all of us looked like cows! =^.^= just imagine walking amongst a whole bunch of other cows;
We took this picture at the start line, where we were made to do a dance warm-up routine, which I found quite cute also. It's even simpler than doing the ACES Day Workout, but I guess the organisers also knew no one was there to run.

In between the walk, there were stations to complete, such as the Plain Crackers Maze which was a maze with crackers stuck to the walls;

Sadly, because of the rain in the morning, many of the crackers had fallen off the walls, so there were empty patches, otherwise it probably would have been really beautiful. Also, the smell of the crackers was sweet and wistful in the air, I was beginning to feel hungry. This was probably a ploy to make us eat more crackers after the run.

There was also a yogurt pool, which we probably spent the most time at, not because we were getting stuck in the pool, but because we were deciding whether or not to go in. Going in and coming out was much faster than the time we spent contemplating it.

This was quite a family run, with fathers carrying their kids on their shoulders and parents taking pictures of their kids at each stop along the way. Basically, most of the people were not there to run. So when I heard someone say he was here to clock his personal best, I was totally like, omg good luck trying to run amongst the crowd of cows. Seriously, how to clock a personal best with so many human obstacles?

When we got back, we had a chicken patty, biscuits, milk, yogurt, etc. They were quite smart, in that they gave out finisher bowls and cups which we were supposed to use to collect our food. So non-finishers can't get panda biscuits :P besides the bowl and cup, the race pack included a cute panda freezer bag, a cow plushie, and the finisher medal. For $75, I feel that the quality of the items are super good. For example, the race tag is made of waterproof paper, and the tee-shirt probably costs about $25 per piece even after the bulk purchase discount. So... what did Meiji earn? o.o

Sadly, we didn't get to take pictures with the cow and panda mascots at the photobooth because the queue was too long D: But they opened up the Port of Lost Wonder, which I can't enter on a regular day, so that was a happy thing :D

Thanks Alex for the being so sporty and so fun, and for helping me take pics with her waterproof 20megapixel phone camera (cos I didn't dare to bring my camera, and my phone camera just doesn't match up to hers). Also, thankful for the wonderful post-rain cloudy weather ♥