Milagro Spanish Restaurant + Lady M

While I was googling what to eat for dinner today, I came upon Milagro Spanish Restaurant, which I had heard a friend recommend before. The more I read about it, the more intrigued I became. It seemed like everyone was all about the awesome food and affordable prices. I wanted to wait until there were more of us before we went there for a meal, so I suggested eating at Wild Honey instead. But by the time amanda arrived, it was alr 8pm, and Wild Honey was closing at 8.30pm. So we ended up eating spanish food for dinner anw. Sorry Christine, but I would say you didn't miss out on too much.

The place was decorated rather simply;
Am I the only one who thinks the chairs are the same ones we sat on in Dean & Deluca?

We ordered the stuff which have been mentioned in almost every online article I read;
1. Chicken + French Beans Paella. The chicken was good. But hj and amanda didn't really appreciate the french beans. The rice was okay, like how paella should be, but I still prefer seafood paella. Overall, it was decent, just a wrong choice for us.
2. Cold Soup. This is supposedly a pretty popular summer dish in Spain, but I guess we just don't know how to appreciate it. Maybe it is too far detached from our minds that soup should be drank cold. It might have been better served to us as desserts rather than as starters.
3. Chocolate Churros. Hj and amanda relished in this more than the others.

Honestly speaking, I felt that this was a pretty good meal, it was just that it didn't suit amanda and hj's tastebuds, and they aren't quite the kind to be adventurous about food, especially not hj. So they just ended up being critical. Or maybe it should be, hj ended up very critical. Probably if I ate with a spanish person he would be able to tell me what's authentic and what isn't, cos I can't make the distinction myself. And if I can't differentiate the good from the bad, then I have no right to comment on the food, because everything would be bench-marked against chinese food, which would be a really unfair comparison.

After a not-so-satisfying dinner (really, it was us, not the food), we ended up at Lady M for desserts;
This was where we found comfort in the familiar, and where we laughed heartily at the things going on around us such as when the waiter asked if we were ready, and when another waiter totally forgot about our photo request. It was supposedly my birthday dinner tonight, but it wasn't until all the cakes were in our stomachs that amanda and hj sang me a bday song with an empty plate and no longer existent cakes and non-existent candles.