Mojito Cafe + The Workbench

There is no better way to pass the post-exam time than to eat. And eat with different partners everyday. Today was dinner with Jasmine, at two cafes she recommended nearby her house, which is about a five minute drive away from mine. Whoever said amk has no good food needs to rethink their statement. I alr counted two in one sitting.

Mojito Cafe

This was dinner. I chose this place because I coincidentally received a voucher for a free muffin in the mail; 
This is the free banana walnut muffin, which was decent.

We also bought a cake to munch on while awaiting our two bowls of pasta;
This matcha cake even has a layer of cream infused with red bean! ^___^

And finally, the main highlight of the evening;
I feel kind of sad that my pork sausage pasta wasn't very photogenic /: I quite liked my pasta, and they were really generous with the pork sausage. The taste of basil didn't really standout though, even though it was a tomato and basil base. Jas says her aglio olio tastes different since the last time she came, but idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing cos I haven't tried either. Aglio olio just isn't my kind of thing.

The Workbench
We had desserts here since it was just a ten minute stroll away from dinner. And Jas insisted that this was amazing waffles, which I later confirmed for myself;
The waffles were warm, soft, fluffy and spongy all to just the right extent :D it did everything right, except that it wasn't served with amazing ice-cream to match up >.< but I shall not ask for too much, since I am a grateful person (: and anw, I feel no right to criticise since I have no cooking ability to speak of T___T