Restricting Drama Days

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From now on, I shall limit myself to just a maximum 2hrs of drama a day. This will force me to select wisely which shows I truly want to watch, and which can wait or be scraped altogether. I finally decided on this because I really find myself spending too much time feeding my drama addiction. So just to remind myself of why I am kicking this habit, I came up with a list of improvements in my life if I stick to my plan.

1. Sleeping regularly
Sometimes I have to rush projects and other more impt stuff, so I end up accumulating several episodes of different series across the days, and then I go through them all at once just so that I can follow the show again next week. This results in me not getting enough sleep at night, and I make up for it by napping at odd hours throughout the day. That's just unhealthy.

2. Spending more time with family and friends
I could spend the eight hours of drama time spending quality time with others instead, and my soul would be probably more enriched with love and warmth. I know that sometimes, I irresponsibly cancel outings with others because I'm halfway through a drama and I can't pull myself away from the small screen. So hopefully I find more time to go out and enjoy the sun.

3. More money to spend on myself
Because I watch dramas until the last possible moment, I leave the house late for outings. Sometimes at night I don't sleep cos I'm catching up on shows and I can't wake up the next morning. Either way, I spend my allowance taking cab a lot of the time so I'm not late. If I can sleep and wake regularly, I'll have more money to spend on myself and having fun, rather than donating my life savings to the taxi company.

4. Become a better person
With all the extra time I have from not watching drams, I should be able to (i) complete my readings; (ii) complete my studying for exams; (iii) get better grades; (iv) get a better job; (v) read more books; (vi) improve myself, etc. Basically, I would be able to accomplish a lot more and become an all-rounded person with a lot of 内涵.

5. Eat regularly and healthily
Finally, I would have a healthier diet because I no longer eat at odd times of the day since I'll be asleep, and I will be able to go out for good food rather than settling my meals at the hawker nearby with so much oil and cholesterol cos I'm too lazy to go further out.

In case I return to my old ways, please make me read this again, to remind myself of the promise I made to myself to lead a healthier and more enriching lifestyle, and to the people around me to be a more responsible and obliging person.