Rider's Cafe

Getting to Rider's Cafe was easy, me and ade met at Farrer Road station and took a cab there. It cost less than $6.50, and the driver was even so kind as to round it off to $6 for us. But while we were having our meal, ade suddenly asked how are we going to get out? omg o: I forgot that we were in a most ulu place far from the main road, and almost everyone who came in drove, so there would hardly be any other cabs coming in to take us out. We ended up walking all the way back to the main road before flagging a cab there. The above story was just my take on how inaccessible that place is. And for that, our conclusion was the food is not worth the difficult travel. If it were closer to civilisation, I may still recommend eating there, but no, I have to say it is overrated.

When we got off the cab, I was greeted warmly by the calm and lush surroundings of the Saddle Club. Amidst the green we dined in an old British colonial black and white house. The ambiance was perfect. 

Unfortunately, the perfection ended there. We ordered rosemary flatbread and meatballs as our mains, which were alright, except that ade felt that flatbread was too healthy for her. The sauces were all good, especially the one that came with the meatballs. The basil and olive oil paste for the flatbread was pretty good too. I liked my citrus fizz summer drink as well. Everything was average, even the truffle fries. Oh wait, we ordered truffle fries? What happened to the truffle? It was a pretty normal meal, and I wouldn't have been so disappointed with the food if not for all the hype over this place. Then for desserts, we had the highly raved Death by Chocolate Cake;
spot the chocolate cake drowned in chocolate syrup 

I believe people will start appreciating Awfully Chocolate more after they try this cake. The cake sponge was loose and hard, and the cake only tasted good when consumed with the ice-cream. After we finished eating the ice-cream, we just left the rest of the uneaten cake behind cos we really couldn't eat it by itself.

I actually intended my insta caption of the cake to be a pun on the cake name, but I guess it's kind of obvious from the above the latent meaning of I died x.x