True End of Y2

Finals are finally over, and it seriously is a load of my chest. To mark the end of exams, I met with clique (minus drifter amanda) for dinner and desserts. Even though I've only been through two years of university education, the end-of-year ceremony is sort of becoming a ritual in itself. Last year, right after my last exam as a Y1 student, me and hj went for lunch at Department of Caffeine, in which amanda overslept and ditched us as well. Outings to mark such important milestones in my educational career 非 clique 莫属 ♥

Dinner was an amazing discovery at Table@Pip's. I always knew this restaurant existed, but it wasn't until today that me and Christine took the first step into venturing into this open-concept place;

I was having a little trouble deciding what to eat because everything looked good, so we decided to ask the waiter for a some help. Unfortunately, it turned out that his glib recommendation speech described every item so well that I still couldn't make up my mind. He spoke as if everything on the menu was perfectly prepared, and now I have an urging need to try every single dish available on that menu x: all restaurants should hire waiters like him to make their customers' mouth water. We finally decided on a soup of the day, one of the chef's creation and their most popular dish.

Chef’s Creation
This dory fillet stuffed with apple and lemon was our favourite dish. It was sweet and zesty, and had no fishy smell. Most importantly, we could actually bite into the crunch of the apple! ^___^ The bacon was cooked for just the right amount of time and with the right amount of oil. The fats were succulent.

Most Popular Dish: Duck Confit
Christine and I weren’t very much interested by this dish initially, because it seemed to us a very typical dish. But since it was promoted to us as a best-seller, we decided to go for it. That so many people order it should count for something.

When eating the duck, I found it a little too dry, and the sauce was a little too vinegarish. But then me and Christine found the perfect way to eat it, and that is to dip the mashed potato in the sauce, and eat the mashed potatoes together with the duck meat. I’m so proud of us hehe ^___^

Soup of the Day:
Pumpkin Soup
I tried taking a photo of the soup from many different angles, and we concluded that if I had to try so hard just for a soup, it’s just not photogenic enough.

It was a nice soup, and it was nice that there were two slices of bread for us to share, but we felt that the soup was a little too sweet.

After dinner, we did some shopping with hj for new office attire, and then deviated to shopping at MwL with no self-control, and then went for cake at Dean & DeLuca. I'd really love to comment on the wonderfully delightful salted caramel cheesecake, but I guess at this moment right now, I prefer my sleep over anything else. It's been a tiring semester, so it's now time to take a good rest :D