Over the past four days, I have been really busy, sleeping just 6hrs a night on top of the jetlag. I am lucky that I do not sleep at regular hours to begin with, so jetlag isn't a very serious issue for me. However, the sun rising and setting at 5am and 10pm respectively is a major issue. Especially in the evenings when I forget to have dinner because the sky is still bright. The problem is going to become more serious as the days go by and the sun rises earlier and sets later.

The flowers in Europe are absolutely beautiful. Every park and garden and palace we have been all carry different species of pretty flowers, and especially roses. I finally got to know the name of the type of rose used in my the Body Shop hand cream; it's commonly known as beet rose. Unfortunately, because of the immense number of flowers I have taken photographs of, here are a few from the Dachau Palace for sampling purposes;