My 21st Birthday

Initially, I had no plans to let anyone know that my bday fell during the summer programme, but they found out anw, and then celebrated it for me with a surprise :D it's my second surprise this year. The first was when hj appeared at my house with a bracelet for me ♥ I wore it ytd, in case the clique wanted to know.

My accessories were matched really poorly ytd. I had on me a ring, a key necklace, purple gold earrings, and the bracelet which the clique gave. I probably looked like a christmas tree. But what could I do, this were all bday gifts from the people I love the most. And I just had to wear all of it together ytd.


botanical gardens, munich

Anw, just some administrative updates. I am really really busy enjoying myself in germany, sleeping at past midnight each night, and waking up at the latest 6.30am. I seriously have no time to blog, but I will do it as and when I find the time to, so just hope for surprises or wait for my essay and photo spam when I get back to sg. If all else fails, just text me.