Adventure Cove with Clique

in between my travels, i still make time for clique ♥

Despite the fact that the queues were much much longer than the time I went with sijia, we actually managed to complete all the rides in under 4hrs, and still played one or two rides again. Which was obviously way better than having amanda queue for 4hrs with no phone and no water just for one single ride. Unfortunately for christine, she didn't want to play everything, so she stood downstairs and waited for us ):
Honestly speaking, the rides were really mild. Me and hj could complain to each other about the stuffiness being enclosed in the slide during the ride, and I could even let go of one of the handles halfway through the rides to swipe the water off my face so that I could see clearly. Next time, someone should remind me to bring goggles along, so I can keep my eyes open throughout the ride and not worry about losing my contact lenses halfway.

Since the queues were long and we had to chit-chat to kill time, guess what we ended up talking about? Answer is, what shall we have for dinner haha. Some things just don't change. What doesn't change as well is the fact that our decisions don't count for much, cos we just end up doing an entirely different thing from plans. For example, ytd was supposed to be USS, but it became Adventure Cove just before I left Munich Airport. Dinner was supposed to be 鼎泰丰 but we ended up at a pizza place that served grilled salmon when the menu said it was supposed to be smoked salmon. The meal was good cos of the alfresco dining with a view, and I have to admit the food was pretty good too, although not very filling. 

Post-dinner is desserts time! We went to the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Vivocity, and had lots and lots of chocolate! ^___^ but actually, we enjoyed the caramel fondue more than the chocolate fondues. The best was still the 80's milkshake. The milkshake was smooth, the ice cream was awesome, and the chocolate shell is truly chocolate. Not that chocolate shells are not made of chocolate, but this one was thick and impenetrable. 

I would have uploaded more photos if not that I'm kind of pressed for time right now, I've got a flight to catch tonight. Toodles! x