Beijing 2015: Week 1

Greetings from the land of fog and air pollution! *cough* see how unclear the sky is in the photo? I could have recoloured it blue, but I decided to be truthful about the situation here. Honestly, it really isn't that bad, it's just that I feel like I'm spending wayyy too much money on drinking water. Firstly, I drink a lot of water. Second, the air is dry here so I need to drink even more water. Third, the air is polluted so I need to make sure I stay hydrated to be able to cleanse my system by drinking even more water. Lastly, tap water is not portable even when boiled, so I have to buy water by the cartons. Luckily for free delivery, otherwise I'd never make it back to the room. So far, I have bought more than 24 bottles of water alr, and I drink more than 2 bottles of water each day. I feel like I do nothing but spend all my money drinking water T___T

Another problem is the crowd. Everywhere I go, hoards of people swarm and push. It's almost suffocating. The security checks just make things worse, because the Chinese people seem to have no idea how to queue up properly. Usually when I get to a security check, I no longer need to walk, because I'll practically be squeezed around. There was once I couldn't even feel the ground below my feet =.= and no one bothers to give way to others taking photographs, so there was no way I could use my tripod to take pics of myself D: I only have like one or two selfies currently, cos it is only possible to take pics of scenery. When it is a selfie, there really is no background to see except the crowd #shortpeoplewoes

I made two new friends so far. One is a classmate, and she brought me around on Monday. Too bad she has one more module than me, so she couldn't go out with me ytd or the day before. But ytd, I met an OL at the cafe I was having dinner at. She used to study in London, so we pretty much had stuff to talk about. She was nice, and even invited me to her party on Saturday to meet more of those Chinese people who had come back from studying abroad. Unfortunately, I have an compulsory excursion on Saturday alr D: but I asked her for her number so I would be able to meet her again soon! ^_^

That's about all, basically. I'm really tired out cos I've been up since 5am this morn beating the queue at the Forbidden City. I'll study for my test tmr and maybe do some readings before going to bed soon.