LMU Munich International Summer University

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Right now, I'm feeling really blue. Call it jetlag if you will, but I guess it's cos I'm missing S Club a lot. Many times I almost cried while saying goodbye, and then I really cried when it was my turn to board the bus to the airport. Throughout the past three weeks I have grown exceptionally close to them as compared to the rest of the people in the programme. I'm really thankful for this bunch of people who have really compatible living habits with me. It's really impt to have people who are similar in such a sense, otherwise the trip would just get more painful as the days go by. I'm sure we all know that there was one such trip that I just got more and more irritated with the other that I couldn't wait to go home.

Even though there were certain people I disliked during the trip as well, there is to a certain extent a feeling that I miss them. I mean, no matter what, they were part of the entire thing afterall. Laughing and bitching about them would one day come to be part of a beautiful memory. Running away everyday from the Cracken was also one of the ways we bonded closer together.

As I have always believed that going abroad makes one a better person, we curated a list of how we have improved over the days as S Club. While we may not be the best people around, but as long as we learn and grow each day, we are then the best we can be.

S7, ich liebe dich ♥