Beijing 2015: Roundup

Interestingly, towards the end of the trip, Beijing managed to salvage its image, and I recovered from my irritation towards the place and the people. Maybe it’s because I need other people with me; when I was touring around alone, I people-watch too much. But when I was out with Chermaine and Juyi, I didn’t really care about what the others around were doing, and just concentrated on having fun with them. Or maybe it’s cos I found nice, quiet and civilised places, like the 798 Art District;
I absolutely love indie.

Jiamin coming to visit and stay with me was also one of the major highlights of this trip. Or rather, it was the highlight. It was the one day I was feeling really carefree and unrestrained. Even though I haven’t exactly been trying to portray only the best of myself to the others, it also doesn’t mean that I can just do whatever I want, like the way I behave around clique. I still have to be a little more normal so that they would hopefully not hate me. I mean, I don’t need everyone to like me, but I am not out to cross people’s boundaries and step on their toes. You never know who the conservative ones are or those who love the party until you get to know them better, and I don’t think I know anyone else well enough to be that crazy.

On the day that me and jm went out, we were really accomplished. That’s one of the things I appreciate about clique too. Somehow, we can play and play and never get tired until we return back late at night. On some of the other trips I’ve been to, we have to return to the room every three or four hours so that the other people can rest before we head out to the next destination, or we go back early, like right after dinner, which is a huge waste of time, if you ask me. The two of us got a foot massage, went to the Lama Temple, then the old Summer Palace before heading for authentic Beijing food at 那家小馆 as recommended by Jasmine;
Throughout the month, I’ve had many Chinese meals, but this was the first meal that was thoroughly Pekinese in nature (besides, of course, the Peking Duck). Finally, we ended the day singing karaoke with Estelle.

I was really sad after jm left. Even though it was just two nights spent sleeping on the same bed at night, I kind of got used to having her around my room alr. It’s like the whole place became quieter than before she came. I hate goodbyes, but this time, I’m actually glad to return home.

SG50, here I come! :D