My philosophy on choosing colours is simple: whatever is pleasing goes. I have never been especially biased towards any colour. I always knew I loved the colour pastel pink, but I generally choose colours based on suitability. Depending on the item in question, the colour I pick would be one which looks pretty on its own, is appropriate for the occasion, and matches my overall style. I would sometimes attempt fashion statements, but I would not go for an overkill donning only a certain colour just to make a statement about my colour preferences. I am pretty sure we all have that friend who dresses top-to-toe in their favourite colour though. I sometimes wonder if they are worried others cannot tell what colour they should get for the next birthday present ._.

Recently, however, I have realised that I have been stocking up on all items rose gold. I have a necklace, a pair of earrings, an anklet and several other items coloured bronze with a hint of pink, all of which have been purchased within the last six months. And my eyes continue to be drawn towards posters and pictures of accessories that come in this colour. I am even looking forward to buying the rose gold iPhone when it is launched.

Rose gold and champagne gold are colours which appeal to me because they seem to portray an image of class and elegance, and without appearing too commonplace or gaudy. These colours have a subtle shimmer which balances very well both the pastel and the metallic. I am drawn to them in a way inexplicable, and since I cannot run from it, I shall embrace it.

I have therefore decided to declare rose gold as my new favourite colour.