Identity Crisis

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Ever since I decided that writing was the way to go for me, my plans in an attempt to secure my future have been falling into place, unlike in the past when I just got by everyday hoping a bf would fall from the sky. General advice is for me to start submitting articles to magazines, which I have been thinking about doing, but not actually getting down to it, because my mentality is that if I were to be writing a scripted essay, I might as well be writing my term essays. Blogging is different because it's my habit, and it doesn't require much thought, I type whatever comes to mind. 

Recently, with the focus being on my future as a writer, I have decided that my blog too should contribute positively to this endeavour. In any case, the number of words I put on my blog each year outdoes the number of words I have in my essays. Of course I do a lot of other writing too, like scribbling notes and reminders for myself, and writing heartfelt letters and postcards, but these one- or two-liners are an insignificant contribution to the number of words I pen. So no longer just simply spouting unorganised and underdeveloped gibberish, the plan for my blog is to find myself a coherent writing style. The regulars of this blog would probably have noticed that I have pretty much thought out what I want to do for the images. Currently, the problem is in the text.

#1 images have standardised widths to fit the frame entirely
#2 since i mostly forget to do it, i have given up on the use of my watermark
#3 inclusion of at least one image / video per post to complement the text (also, cos it fits my homepage look)
#4 all photos are edited before they come on board so that terrible pictures are not a deterrence
#5 credits to the owners of the pictures are at the bottom of each image, though i am looking to post solely my own photos

I have justified the text to make it look clean and neat, and am attempting to write in proper english, save for those times that singlish / chinese will allow me to express myself better. But I have not yet found an ideal setup. I am open to the following options:
#1 one single photo followed by a long body of text // life problems • beijing week 1 • beijing week 2
#2 many photos, followed by a simple write-up of maybe two or three lines, with a maximum of three short paragraphs // lmu misu • ohsosweetandprettyme text
#3 many photos, interspersed with text // weekends • midweek joy • ndp 2015

I love pictures, so #2 and #3 are good options, but I'm actually thinking of using a combination of #1 and #2, so that I'm not desperate to post pictures that make no sense as in #2, but there will be a format of image before text always. Or I'll just post pictures and add text wherever I want to as I have always done, but cut down on the much unneeded long-winded details of my boring life. I'm still not sure yet though. Maybe I'll experiment with this a little more before concluding. And then maybe get started on submitting articles. Or my CV for some job in Sweden.