Joowon as Yongpal ♥

Yong-pal is really good at keeping me on my toes all the time. Although I began watching it because of Joowon, I have come to the conclusion that the story itself is also very much worth the watch, even for those who are not fans of the actors in the show. Unlike other shows which drag it out to kill time, every episode in this drama drives the plot forward and every ending is a cliffhanger. My heart can't take the wait, y'know >.< but really, that's what all dramas should aim for. That the viewers keep wanting to come back for more.

Anw, I kind of noticed that in every show of Joowon's which I have watched, he is either a doctor or a policeman or a student. There is one movie in which he played an undercover which I didn't watch cos it was touted to be a horror film, and I have no guts. But still, he was an undercover.

Here I list out all of his works which I have seen in chronological order.
King of Baking, Kim Takgu
(Drama, 2010)
Gu Ma-jun was an apprentice in the bakery.

Ojakgyo Family
(Drama, 2011-2012)
Hwang Tae-hee was a cop.

Bridal Mask
(Drama, 2012)
Gaksital's other identity was a Korean cop in the Japanese police force.

Seventh Grade Civil Servant
(Drama, 2013)
Han Pil-hoon was a student in a civil service examination who later became an undercover agent.

Good Doctor
(Drama, 2013)
Park Shi-on was the good doctor.

Steal My Heart
(Movie, 2013)
Lee Ho-tae was a police helping a thief.

Cantabile Tomorrow
(Drama, 2014)
Cha Yoo-jin, prodigy student in Haneum Music Academy.

Fashion King
(Movie, 2014)
Nerdy student Woo Ki-Myung becomes Fashion King in a world of warp fashion senses.

(Drama, 2015)
Hospital doctor Kim Tae-hyun by day, rogue doctor Yongpal by night.