NDP 2015: SG50 Edition

This post was supposed to be written ytd, when the memories of how I spent our nation's jubilee weekend were still fresh in my mind. Unfortunately, I was completing the last 1000 words of my summer school essay until 2am this morn. If I could even be rushing essays before school starts, what's going to happen when the school term really begins tmr? /:

NDP this year was really touchy and emotional. As we commemorate our 50th year of independence, I can't help but feel sad that LKY wasn't able to join us in celebrating this milestone. We've come a long way from the time of Sang Nila Utama, through the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles and even during the Japanese Occupation. Then came the separation from Malaysia, and the building of this country as a sovereign state.

Throughout this year, I have learnt that Singaporeans are truly a patriotic bunch. In spite of all the complaining we do about every single thing, and the jokes we make about our govt, we really love our nation deep down. We are just shy about displaying affection, and it takes an event like SG50 to bring out the Singapore spirit. So many people turned up for LKY's passing, so many people took part in the multitude of events across the jubilee weekend, so many people came home for this special day. When I say we love our home, I don't actually mean that we all love the PAP and that we agree with everything they do, but we love sg as a country and as a nation, and we wish the best for it. I can't seem to understand how some people can't make this distinction.

I had originally wanted to be a part of this momentous event, but since no help was required, I ended up spending the day in USS with my family instead;
It's another way of being Singaporean, to go to our nation's playground and contribute to the economy. It was rather easy to differentiate the Singaporeans from the tourists, since most of the Singaporeans were dressed in red tops, just like my family.

I finally got to ride the Sesame Street ride which was still under construction when clique went to the theme park three years back. It's a family coaster, so the bumps were mild, and there were no harnesses. And it wasn't even half as thrilling as this;
I can see that I've got all my priorities messed up ._.

USS also had a special Stars Parade for SG50;
There were other characters as well, but those are not as impt as compared to Sesame Street and the Penguins. It was a little disappointing the Minions weren't featured though ):

Speaking of the Minions, their merchandise in Orlando and in Singapore are exactly the same! >.< my mom loves the Minions, and she was looking to buy something that she hasn't alr bought. My mom has Minions pajamas, stuffed toys, and even one that farts. But I guess they wouldn't redesign an entire merchandise collection just for another Universal Studios.

We went home in the evening and enjoyed the Parade in the comfort of the sofa, before I went out for supper with the Float motivator SOICs at night. I brought chocolates from Germany to share, so it was just too bad those at the Padang missed out on the chocs :P

Even though I could not be on ground this year, I don't think it's impt to be at the Float or at the Padang. As long as we spend the National Day at home with friends and family, then it is a fulfilling one.